Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to my Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia Blog! It's 2013 and myself and other authors are back again to promote awareness. It is hard to believe that we still have to stand up and fight against homophobic & transphobic people!

May 17th, is International Day Against Homophobia & Tranphobia! So, do your part and hop through these blogs, share on your social networks and support your fellow human beings who do not deserve the discrimination that they live with every day!

"The word homophobia appeared in the 1960’s. George Weinberg, an American psychologist, seems to have been the first to use it in a study in 1969. He used it again in his 1972 book “Society and the healthy homosexual”. K.T. Smith also used this word in 1971 in an article called “Homophobia: A Tentative Personality Profile”. Francophone authors quickly followed suit. Here is how Weinberg defined homophobia in 1972: 'The fear expressed by heterosexuals of being in the presence of homosexuals, and the loathing that homosexual persons have for themselves'"[1].
Consider this from UC Davis LGBT Resource Center 

"The transsexual feminist theorist and author Julia Serano argues in her book Whipping Girl that transphobia is rooted in sexism. She locates the origins of both transphobia and homophobia in what she calls "opposititional sexism," the belief that male and female are "rigid, mutually exclusive categories, each possessing a unique and nonoverlapping set of attributes, aptitudes, and desires." Serano contrasts oppositional sexism with "traditional sexism," the belief that males and masculinity are superior to females and femininity. Furthermore, she writes that transphobia is fueled by insecurities people have about gender norms." [ISBN-13: 978-1580051545] [2]

Homophobia & Transphobia can manifest in many ways (attitudes, actions, words, etc.) and the only way to fight it is to raise awareness and speak out against it! Believe it or not, you are doing that by just joining this blog hop tour! Thank you!

For my own part, last year I joined the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Nothing like being a 21st century drag nun to make a statement and do some good for my community. The "Sisters" are an international Non-Profit organization, founded in 1979, whose volunteer members perform many out-reach programs to educate safer sex practices and provide free condoms to the community. If you want to give back, the "Sisters" is a great organization to become involved with!

For hopping by today and doing your part, I am giving away my best selling novel. So, just enter the drawing below if this blurb strikes your fancy!

 Brothers By Bond
Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and his adopted brother for the last fifteen. They have been attached at the hip since they were kids, all through high school and even through the Army with the buddy system. From being stationed as MP's in Germany to graduating the police Academy and riding in the same patrol car night after night, where one was found, so was the other. They shared everything.
Until six months ago… when Johnny got divorced.
Mike's feelings for his best friend and brother changed; became more than just brotherly love and avoidance was his way of coping. However, the night he traded shifts to avoid his brother, once again, was the night he almost lost him. And more than anything else, that is Mike's biggest fear.
Author Note: Contains M/M sexual practices and is intended for readers of legal age for the country in which they reside. 

Happy Hopping to the hundreds of other blogs!