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Books for Likes is Back!!

Here we go again, my twisted lovelies!! Help me boost my Facebook likes and enter to win a LIMITED EDITION PAPERBACK copy of Cresting Tide!!
Already a fan on my Facebook page?? Don't fret! Just leave me a comment to get extra entries!

Here is the blurb!

Peter, fleeing from an arranged marriage to a woman, stows away aboard a merchant ship only to be discovered and pitched into the sea. Floating upon the current and awaiting death, he is rescued by a mythical sea elf.

Cuke knew his curiosity with humans would only lead him to trouble but he never expected it would lead him to love. A love filled with complications as he is bound to his watery home.

Can the couple overcome the restrictions of their races and be the fathers to their unexpected child or are they destine to be torn apart by their different worlds?

Author Note: Contains m/m and hermaphrodite sexual practices and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

So, head over to my fan page and like it or leave me a comment below on why you love paperbacks! and check out the other authors too!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

David Berger's Series: Task Force Gaea Book #1

Series: Task Force Gaea

Book #1

During the age of Olympos, when a vengeful goddess shatters the Sacred Scales, both immortals and humans alike suffer. Apollo, the god of truth, goes from a glorious existence as The Shining One to a victim of Zeus’ wrath, and his journey makes him question his godhood, his role in the cosmos, and his views on humanity. Prophecy and the Fates direct his course, and he must make difficult, yet vital, choices. Millennia pass, and Dan, Aleta, Brandon, and Sarah—four reluctant modern-day heroes gifted by ancient civilizations born of the gods—bound by prophecy, have to choose whether or not to save their world when it could mean they never existed. They must master their new powers while battling against incomprehensible forces from the Underworld and repairing the Sacred Scales, destroyed long ago. With the equilibrium between Order and Chaos unhinged, and the Olympian gods struggling to exist, these four must ally themselves with the United Nations to protect an endangered world, becoming the only group who can fight against metaphysical threats to the Earth, forging Task Force: Gaea. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go?

Amazon | Smashwords | BN

David Berger

Boston born, I grew up on Long Island in New York, and have my B.A. in English with a Master's in Secondary Education. I currently teach AP English Literature, IB English, and Creative Writing in Land O' Lakes, FL. My avid appreciation for fantasy fiction came from a childhood love of Greek mythology and comic books, especially Wonder Woman. Stemming from this literary love affair, I published my first novel,
Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance, in February 2012. 
In addition to my fantasy writing, I have written poetry, much of which was influenced by my travels abroad, namely to Ireland. My hibernophilia extends not only to a great love of the Emerald Isle itself, but also to the writers who hail from there, namely W. B.
Yeats, and I studied this poet in a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship at the National University of Ireland in Galway in 2005. Additionally, I have traveled to Spain, France, and England—all with
trips I have led with students—and hope to show more of my students what the world beyond Florida looks like. I'm "living the dream," as it were, and I love life—I just hope it loves me in return. I reside in Land O' Lakes, FL with my partner of 13 years, Gavi, and our two cats, Yankel and Shayna.

Official Author Website |
Series Website | Series Facebook Page | Twitter | Goodreads

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

R.M. Garcia's Series: The Foundlings Book #1

Series: The Foundlings
Book #1

Foundling: A Vampire caused by accidental means. Throw together Nazi Vampires, Jewish Vampires, and one very special protective Vampire who is 1000 years old; and you have the makings of an explosive and riveting story.

What would you do, if the love of your life, was suddenly kidnapped by Nazi vampires and forced to become one of them? How would you feel if these same vampires discovered she was Jewish and sentenced her to a permanent death?

Join our hero Donnie as he battles the obstacles of the underworld in a quest for survival against the odds. Will he prevail and save his one true love from eternal damnation?

If you enjoyed Linian Carmine's The Lost Boys, or Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, then you will truly enjoy this story. Filled with wonderful twists and turns it will keep you guessing to the dramatic end.

Praise for The Foundlings:
"This is just one of those stories that draws you in and keeps you reading till the very end."
"Very imaginative and a refreshing twist with vampires can't wait for next book too come out."
"a lot of surprises and some twists in this story, it was not predictable and I love that in a book"

Amazon | Smashwords | BN

R.M. Garcia

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I am the proud son of Puerto Rican parents. My parents moved to New Jersey from Puerto Rico shortly after getting married; I was born about a year later. I have 2 younger siblings, twins, Eric and Erica. Growing up I was a kind child who never asked for much. I didn't ask for anything because my imagination provided me with everything that I would ever need. My mother always said, that of all her children, I was the one that gave her the least amount of trouble.

I was considered a dreamer by all of my teachers, but I never thought that label was a bad thing. I was initially very shy until I got older and stopped caring about others' opinions of me. I realized that I was, who I was, and you either liked me or you didn't; simple as that.

I have been called weird, quirky, funny and trustworthy, all titles I hold dear. I wrote the short story of The Foundlings when I was still in high school and it was not until much later that I fully developed it into a book. Back in the day, I also wrote poetry, but story telling became my true love.

After high school, I moved to Florida and went to college. I dabbled in various professions over the next several years. I worked in jobs such as Hotel Manager, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Travel Agent, Customer Service Rep, Draftsman, and even a Fry Cook.

When I started on the book, I realized that this was my passion, what I was ultimately meant to do. I loved writing The Foundlings and even if it does not become a best seller, I will continue to write. Publishing my first book led to me meeting my wonderful wife. So God willing and with the help of my fans, The Foundlings will make a mark in the literary world. Thank you for reading about me.

Website  |  Author Facebook Page  |  Series Facebook Page  |  Twitter 
GoodreadsAmazon Author Page


$25 or Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 12/25/2013. Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an or Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kisha from Indie Hoopla Services & Promotions, and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.
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I love 2 Read.... and I know you do too!

It's the holiday's and what better time to do blog hops and giveaways!

After all that shopping and chaos... wouldn't you like to just snuggle up to a great read? Now, I am not blowing smoke about the great read! I am giving away a copy of Undercover Love: Rick & Brew which includes Amazon best selling Not For Sale (over 3000 copies already sold!) and the sequel, Highest Bidder (that Amazon recently 'forced' to be unpublished!).

Check out the blurbs for both!

Immigration Control Agent Ryan "Brew" Brewster finally got the break he was looking for in his human trafficking case. But to follow the lead, he would need to go undercover into the world of the gay leather community. A world he was very familiar with; a world that would require a partner for the undercover op.
Vice Cop Rick Kendry did not look twenty eight when he was out on the streets of Tampa luring in the John's. He barely looked eighteen but that was why he was stuck in vice. That and the fact that he was openly gay made him the best candidate for the job and luckily for him, he loved undercover work.
When Agent Brewster recruited him for the deep undercover Homeland Security op, Rick couldn't have been more thrilled but little did Rick know that he would soon be immersed into the intricate world of leather & BDSM.

Nonpunishable on Amazon!
ICE Agent Ryan "Brew" Brewster finally regains the trust of Vice cop Rick Kendry after deceiving him on their undercover operation to bust the human traffickers who were selling gay man in the Tampa area when the Russian mobsters strike back by abducting Rick.

Brew is forced to go deeper undercover into the Russian Mafiya than ever before if he wants to rescue Rick before he is sold to the highest bidder as a sex slave.

But will the man he rescues be the same man who stole his heart on their last op?

So, enter below and treat yourself this holiday season!

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99 Cent Hoopla is Back!!

Yep, it's that time of year again my twisted lovelies!! 0.99 Indie Hoopla is back and the perfect time for you to gift some of my books to your friends for the holiday's!
Which books, you ask??
Well, my Shadows series, of course! 
Every book in the series will be 0.99 for a limited time (Dec. 5th - 8th!)
Not familiar with my Shadows series? No worries... there is something for everyone! Check out the book blurbs and decide which, if not all, are right up your reader alley!

Click to buy Soul Stealer
Kira was born with the creation of time itself. She has lived and thrived off of the worst of what humans have to offer. As their auras show her their true nature, it is not hard for her to find a soul that that is tasty and since most of her meals are devious in one way or another getting them to lay with her is no chore at all.

Alec Koval is a life-drinker who is a few hundred years old. Recently relocated from L.A. to Tampa, he has opened another nightclub, Shadows, that caters to 'norms' and the supernatural's who frequent the area. His curiosity is peaked one night when he spots the beautiful Kira as she is hunting in his club. He knows she is not a norm, can't figure out what she really is but knows he wants her.

Alec has no soul and Kira cannot provide the substance the life-drinker needs. Can they allow their attraction to continue and if they do, will they be able to survive with each other?

Click to buy When Beasts Bite

Jordy, manager at Shadows and Nick, Ex-Special Forces and Marine instructor, are best friends. Both are garouls. 

Everything changed when they accidentally touched intimately; both enjoyed it. 
Neither will admit it. 

Jordy’s abducted and Nick must rescue him. 
Will he be able to make Jordy remember his humanity and love?

Click to buy Barely Restrained

Roni is the head bartender at the Tampa nightclub Shadows. All she wants is to date normal humans as she brings enough baggage to the table as a changer. 

However, when her past comes calling and she kills her tormentor once and for all, what she thought she knew about her new lovers turns out to be a lie. 

Surviving the punishment is the easy part but can she accept what her lovers are?

Click to buy Embracing Sin
The Tampa nightclub Shadows, in Ybor City, has been more than just a place of employment for Sin. For the last year and a half she has waited tables at Shadows and has not had to look over her shoulder for the destroyers who constantly searched out her kind.

Hidden among the others who were not 'norm', she knew she had finally found a home and the family she had never had before. 

However, her boss Alec's upcoming wedding has brought an influx of guests to the club; a destroyer among them.

Get your holiday shopping done early and be sure to gift this series to your friends!

Want more great deals and blog hops to check out? Sign up for Busy Bookworms!

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Tracy A. Akers, Souls of Aredyrah Book #4

Series: Souls of Aredyrah
Book #4


In this final installment of the award-winning Souls of Aredyrah series, Dayn and Reiv find themselves facing an old foe and falling into the trap of a new one. Struggling to make their way home through a bitter landscape, they soon discover they are not alone. A tribe known as the Taubastets has captured them in a life-or-death scenario, and the tribe’s chief is determined that one of them must be sacrificed. When a young warrior named Tyym vows to see them home, they face decisions that will not only affect their survival, but the spiritual salvation of their world.
While Reiv, Dayn, and Tyym navigate a web of conspiracy and doubt, Dayn’s sister Alicine struggles with loss and the impending threat of invasion. The king of Tearia has not abandoned his quest to slay them, and his seemingly unstoppable army is nearly through the pass. But when Tyym enters the scene, hope is rekindled. Even Alicine cannot deny the charisma of the mysterious warrior who has wormed his way into their lives, and into her heart.
The game is in play. A traitor is in their midst. Can the souls of Aredyrah hope to defeat a monster disguised as a king? Or will they succumb to a darkness beyond their understanding?
Amazon   |  Smashwords  |  BN  |  Kobo  |  Diesel  |  Goodreads

Tracy A. Akers is a former language arts teacher and an award-winning author. She grew up in Arlington, Texas, but currently lives in Florida with her husband, three naughty pugs, and a feisty chihuahua. She graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a degree in Education, and has taught in both public and private schools. She currently divides her time between writing, lecturing, spending time with her family, and costuming at fantasy and science fiction conventions.

Ms. Akers has won numerous awards for her Souls of Aredyrah fantasy series for young adults. As a Florida Book Awards winner, she was acknowledged for her contribution to YA literature by the Governor of Florida during the 2008 Florida Heritage Month Awards Ceremony. Books One and Two of the Aredyrah Series are included in the Florida Department of Education’s 2008 Just Read Families Recommended Summer Reading List. In addition, Ms. Akers has been an invited guest author at major book events and writers’ conferences, a panelist at fantasy and science fiction conventions, and was on the steering committee for Celebration of the Story, a literary event held at Saint Leo University.

The Souls of Aredyrah Series is Ms. Akers’ first series of novels for young adults.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads


$25 or Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 12/15/2013. Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an or Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kisha from Indie Hoopla Services & Promotions, and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Praise for Jasmine's Tale: Darkness and Light
“(the) characterizations and descriptions are so vivid that I felt like I was following Jasmine through the centuries.” - Patricia Gligor, author of Mixed messages
“Unique, grabs the reader’s attention and holds it.” – Writer’s Digest
"The cover of this book had caught my eye on more than one occasion. I was excited when I finally got around to reading it... and I was not disappointed. Though the cover is stunning, as it turns out, it is the least impressive aspect of this book. Don't take this as criticism; this is a very, very good thing. The beginning of the story hits you with slap-in-the-face action that sucks you right in.
... I'd like to take a tiny detour; if I may - I have said that it's not often small presses can deliver such gems as Jasmine's Tale. This is the fifth book I have read which is published by Post Mortem Press, and I'm beginning to believe they are regular gem dealers."--5-Star Amazon Review, Emma Ennis

Jasmine’s Tale: Darkness and Light

Book One of the Jasmine and Sam Chronicles

When Sam Melody, a hardworking private detective, meets the beautiful Jasmine Pellitier, the consequences could be deadly. Although Jasmine seems like the perfect woman, she is actually a 2,500-year-old witch… and is being pursued by ancient enemies who will stop at nothing to learn the secret of her powers.
A fascinating marriage of witch-tale and detective yarn, Jasmine’s Tale: Darkness and Light takes the reader from Sam and Jasmine’s adventures in modern-day New York City to her ancient European beginnings and back again, as they try to elude their enemies in a running battle between good and evil.
From ancient times though the Crusades to the Salem Witch Trials and beyond, follow Jasmine and the man she loves in to a final showdown between the powers of Darkness and Light.
Amazon  |  BN


How long she lay there she would never really know. She would never remember any thoughts or wants she might have had. Long past the point where she needed physical nourishment to survive, she lay there motionless as months turned into years. Vines wove over and around her, until she seemed to be part of the undergrowth. She didn’t feel the sun or the snow, the wind or the rain. The Earth and Sky that she had worshipped for centuries were beyond her reckoning, and she no longer cared. She had finally escaped her tortures the only way she could…by falling deep into total oblivion.
She didn’t know when she began to feel the presence. It was just there, and becoming almost imperceptibly stronger. With it came other things, just as slowly and dreamlike. The smell of the Earth, the dim sensation of a light shower, then the warmth of the sun as it streamed through the forest canopy. Slowly she felt herself rising up from her self-imposed depths, until finally her eyes opened.
Through the dark branches far above her she saw a full moon. Its light and her acute senses let the surrounding woods slowly come into view. She sat up, the undergrowth that had become her blanket falling magically away from her. She looked down at herself, and saw that she was nearly naked, covered only by rotting rags of old clothing. Dimly she noticed Aida’s ancient crystal still hung from around her neck. Then the presence that had made her stir caused her to raise her head, and she saw its source.
Standing before her was a tall, broad figure. Small braids were woven into both his long, unruly brown hair and beard, which were just beginning to go gray. His eyes blazed at her from beneath thick eyebrows. His formidable brow was scarred, as was one cheek. His thick neck disappeared into a rough shirt covered by chain mail, which was in turn covered by a leather tunic. From the wide belt that bound these hung a broadsword and a dagger. Below this was a kilt of muted browns and grays, and shoes of leather strips. A wolf pelt draped one shoulder, and on one arm was a round targe of leather-covered wood. In all, he was the fiercest looking creature the gentle Jasmine had ever seen, and the energy he radiated was overwhelming. She knew without being told that this was the Celt warrior that old Hanob had warned her of, and thought that all of her earned catastrophes had struck upon her at once.
When he spoke, his voice was as fierce as his visage.
“Rise up, Witch. It’s time you live again.”
More praise for Jasmine's Tale: Darkness and Light:
“A wonderful Book” – Lonna Kingsbury, Countering the silence, KET TV
“An Intensive novel.” – Mark DeWitt, Cover to Cover, WRRS radio
“…one interesting book.” – Tawana Thomas, Northern Kentucky Magazine

Brian Dobbins has had a wide variety of experiences, from artist and writer to videographer, graphic designer to bartender to salesman to factory worker… and so on. He attempts to draw on this varied background to spin tales of strong characters in unusual situations. He’s written everything from graphic novels to magazine articles to short stories to novels. His novels represent different genres such as Witchcraft, Detective and Western, and usually involve a good amount of historical background. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

FB: Brian Dobbins Makes Stuff Up
Goodreads: Brian's Author Page
Twitter: @BrianEDobbins


$25 or Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 11/30/2013. Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an or Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kisha from Indie Hoopla Services & Promotions, and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Just a quick update....

Hello my favorite twisted lovelies!

I just wanted to catch you up to date real fast so the posts that you will sometimes see in the future won't confuse you! I have offered to become a tour host for Indie Hoopla Promotions's blog tours. So, those of you who follow book tours or are just always in the market for something to read, be sure to follow my blog (if you don't already!). 

There is no set genre for these blog tours so it is like a surprise every time you visit when I have a guest here on tour!  There is usually always a contest at the end as well... so be sure to enter!

That is all for now, loves... click follow and then you will see when the authors on tour are here. 


Friday, October 11, 2013

Reading, Writing, & Just plain busy!

Hello my twisted & kinky lovelies!

It's been a while, I know, but you know I am not good at keeping up with this blog. But at least I am not bombarding you every other day, huh? *grin*

So, Since August when I last posted... some things have went to hell in a hand basket while others have been awesome! Let's start with the bad and end with the good... 

As many of you who are my friends on Facebook know, my server crashed over the summer and I lost EVERYTHING! To make it worse, the mirrored back-up in the server became corrupted too. So every file for my books, from rough chapters, to character notes, to each formatted book for Smashwords, Kindle, & CreateSpace, was lost. Depression doesn't even begin to touch how upset I was. Thankfully, I was able to download the PDF versions of each book from Smashwords and convert them back to a raw Word doc. This brought it's own misery since the conversions were wonky. Each still needed to be fixed to get back to the raw written file before I could reformat for Smashwords, Kindle & Createspace. I am still working on this nightmare. However, the upside of having to do all this work on my titles is that I have been able to go through and edit & update each book (bio, titles, etc.)
After that fiasco, Just a few weeks ago, Amazon screwed with author's Kindle files. Somehow, they re-categorized all of the M/M romance books and put them in the ART Literature category! On top of that, they changed the cover requirements and removed most of my books covers. Now, you might not think this is such a big deal to fix, but every time something has to be changed/updated on a Kindle file, it has to be republished and it takes 24-48 hours for the book to be available again! Fucking nightmare and I am still dealing with that!

Ok, so now onto the good!

Not for Sale, sat on the top 20 list for M/M for over a month! Yey! It is not officially my best selling novel after Brothers by Bond (which was a top 50 for almost a month!) I can't tell you how good it feels (and it was nice to make a paycheck for a change!) I also released the sequel, Highest Bidder, in August. It isn't doing as well as I expected but I believe that is do to the poor timing on my part for releasing it at the beginning of the school year. Oh well, lesson learned! And... you know you can read the first chapter previews on my website, HERE.

Been busy with a few other things as well... I have started making paracord floggers and selling them. I won't be selling them at my book conventions but I will be making an Etsy store soon. I'll let you know when it is up and running :)
I have a few appearances coming up as well. Since it is October, I will be at Necronomicon again the 18th-20th. I will be selling my books and taking on 5-6 panels, so come by and say 'Hi'! 
I will also be at Florida Leather n' Fetish Pride selling books and the floggers Nov. 8th-10th.

Haven't been doing any writing since I finished Highest Bidder. My muse seems to be on a reading kick and I have stumbled onto a few FREE reads that have been excellent, 5 star books in my opinion. So, I thought to share them with you!

I haven't gotten so wet from reading a book since Special Forces! Clipped is a FREE read from Smashwords and I am praying that Devon McCormack is planning a sequel. I checked and there isn't one yet. This book puts a spin on the war between Heaven & Hell. Here is the Blurb: After Demon Spy Kinzer's cover is blown, on of God's gangs, The Raze, clips his wings and murders his angel lover. When he sets out to warn his allies about a mole in their mist, he discovers that his friends have located the Antichrist, whom Satan has created to stop God's second Christ from destroying the world. Now, Kinzer is on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover. Don't let all the religion turn you off from this book because there really isn't much in it and the twistedness makes it worth the read!

I was really surprised I got hooked on this book and couldn't put it down. Even though it is listed as a M/M Rom, I think it falls more into just the Gay category. I usually don't read books about college aged kids and without any sex in them but this book hooked me because of the rich plot. So much so, that I went and bought the sequel and I can't wait for the final book to be released. This is another FREE read from Smashwords. Here is the blurb: Neil Josten knows signing with the Palmento State Foxes is a fatal mistake. After eight years on the run he ought to have better survival instincts, but one of his new teammates is a friend from his old life. Neil left him once; he can't walk away a second time. The longer he stays the faster his past catches up with him, but maybe Neil's finally found someone and something worth fighting for.

Here is the last 5 star recommendation I have for you. Cops who can't stand each other or resist their attraction for one another... how hot is that?? Very! Another FREE Read from Smashwords that I bought the sequel to. Here is the blurb: Kids look for freedom and discover they have more to lose than they thought possible. London and Phoenix  culture and Cowboys, nothing linking these two cities except a hit on a computer data search. Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. Add a secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing mutual distraction. What the hell have Remmington and Mainwaring gotten themselves into?
Well, that is all for now, my loves (as if this post wasn't enough!) I hope you will try to come out and see me and let me know what you think of these free reads!

PS - did I mention I was featured in The News Gayper for National Coming out Day (Oct. 11th)?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Hello my Lovelies!!!

I know, I know... I have been neglecting you all... but hopefully you will forgive me once you find out why!

I have been slaving away (no pun intended!) on the sequel to Not For Sale and hope to have the writing of it finish this coming week. This past week only saw chapter 13 finished because as many of you who follow me on Facebook know, I am in the process of recreating ALL of my books in digital format since my server crashed. Anyways, Highest Bidder is currently around 53k words (pre-editing) and still has a chapter or 2 plus the epilogue to go. The deadline is to have this wrapped up and in print before Necronomicon and I don't see that being a problem!

Speaking of Necronomicon... It will be held in Tampa this year on October 18th-20th and I hope to see all you local fans there! Just follow the link to get more info.

But, if you don't want to wait until October to see me, I will be out an about at several other events. Attending to enjoy the event (as opposed to working by selling books or doing panels!) of helping run the event. Here is where you can find me before Necro!

September 7, 2013 -  AIDS Walk - Vinoy Park, 701 Bayshore Drive NE, St. Petersburg, Florida. 
I'll be here as my Sister persona, Lolly Lickalot!

September 14th - Erotica Weekend at Flamingo - Flamingo Resort, 4601 34th St S, St. Petersburg, Florida

I'll be there on Saturday night to enjoy the fog & foam party in the Code bar!

September 20th-22nd - First Coast Leather Society 8th Anniversary Weekend - Flamingo Resort, 4601 34th St S, St. Petersburg, Florida

Look for me in the dungeon or in the Code bar!

October 12, 2013 - Florida Leather n' Fetish Pride Fetish Night - Baxter's Lounge, 1519 South Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33629
Gonna hang out in my Fetish gear so wear yours and come join me to 
support Florida Leather n' Fetish Pride!

Now you know where to find me before Necro. Of course, I am out and about elsewhere (Fetish Circuit, The Web, The Woodshed) as well and working at The Body Shop at least once a week. So, just look for my check in's on Facebook and if your close by, be sure to say 'hi!'

That is all for now, my lovelies.... more for you once Highest Bidder is finished!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Write on the Edge with me!!!

Hello My Lovlies!!

I had the best time being interviewed on the Writers Online Network radio show Write on the Edge!
As most of you know, I write on the edge... LOL  I couldn't resist. But I had a blast with my friend WT Prater and his co-host Amanda Stone as we talked about all kinds of good stuff!

If you are visiting me here because you listened to the interview than you already know what I am talking about... But... if you have not had a chance to hear it yet, well, what are you waiting for??? 
Go HERE and check it out!!

So, now for the reason you all are here after checking out the fun I had with WT & Amanda... I am doing a give-a-way. 3 Copies of my Amazon top 50 novel, Brothers By Bond.

So, just follow the directions below for your chance to get one!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's that time again...

Hello my Lovelies!
Sorry I have not updated in a while but I have been very, very busy! Between conventions and events, it has been crazy for me lately but if you know me, that is kinda the norm <grin>

So, to make up for not showing you any love since the Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia, I have enrolled all my titles in Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion. What does that mean for you?? Well, it means everything is on sale! And actually, a few items are FREE!

Here's the breakdown:

Before There Was Beer Pong
Coming Home
Soul Stealer
New Beginnings

25% Off
When Beasts Bite
Barely Restrained
Embracing Sin

50% Off
Cresting Tide
Brothers By Bond (an Amazon top 50!)

This promotion is for a limited time. So, what are you waiting for?  Oh, the link? <grin>
Here you go, check out my Smashwords Page and just click on the book you want! The coupon will be on the right hand side under where you can add to your cart.
And... if it is not too much to ask, could you leave a review at Smashwords when you are finished reading??

Thanks and lots of huggles to you all!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to my Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia Blog! It's 2013 and myself and other authors are back again to promote awareness. It is hard to believe that we still have to stand up and fight against homophobic & transphobic people!

May 17th, is International Day Against Homophobia & Tranphobia! So, do your part and hop through these blogs, share on your social networks and support your fellow human beings who do not deserve the discrimination that they live with every day!

"The word homophobia appeared in the 1960’s. George Weinberg, an American psychologist, seems to have been the first to use it in a study in 1969. He used it again in his 1972 book “Society and the healthy homosexual”. K.T. Smith also used this word in 1971 in an article called “Homophobia: A Tentative Personality Profile”. Francophone authors quickly followed suit. Here is how Weinberg defined homophobia in 1972: 'The fear expressed by heterosexuals of being in the presence of homosexuals, and the loathing that homosexual persons have for themselves'"[1].
Consider this from UC Davis LGBT Resource Center 

"The transsexual feminist theorist and author Julia Serano argues in her book Whipping Girl that transphobia is rooted in sexism. She locates the origins of both transphobia and homophobia in what she calls "opposititional sexism," the belief that male and female are "rigid, mutually exclusive categories, each possessing a unique and nonoverlapping set of attributes, aptitudes, and desires." Serano contrasts oppositional sexism with "traditional sexism," the belief that males and masculinity are superior to females and femininity. Furthermore, she writes that transphobia is fueled by insecurities people have about gender norms." [ISBN-13: 978-1580051545] [2]

Homophobia & Transphobia can manifest in many ways (attitudes, actions, words, etc.) and the only way to fight it is to raise awareness and speak out against it! Believe it or not, you are doing that by just joining this blog hop tour! Thank you!

For my own part, last year I joined the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Nothing like being a 21st century drag nun to make a statement and do some good for my community. The "Sisters" are an international Non-Profit organization, founded in 1979, whose volunteer members perform many out-reach programs to educate safer sex practices and provide free condoms to the community. If you want to give back, the "Sisters" is a great organization to become involved with!

For hopping by today and doing your part, I am giving away my best selling novel. So, just enter the drawing below if this blurb strikes your fancy!

 Brothers By Bond
Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and his adopted brother for the last fifteen. They have been attached at the hip since they were kids, all through high school and even through the Army with the buddy system. From being stationed as MP's in Germany to graduating the police Academy and riding in the same patrol car night after night, where one was found, so was the other. They shared everything.
Until six months ago… when Johnny got divorced.
Mike's feelings for his best friend and brother changed; became more than just brotherly love and avoidance was his way of coping. However, the night he traded shifts to avoid his brother, once again, was the night he almost lost him. And more than anything else, that is Mike's biggest fear.
Author Note: Contains M/M sexual practices and is intended for readers of legal age for the country in which they reside. 

Happy Hopping to the hundreds of other blogs! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

I am still alive!! Really, I am!

Hello my twisted lovelies! 

I know, I know, I am slacking in the blog department but once I catch you up to date on what I have been up to, maybe you will forgive me. 
As you know, I am a volunteer with the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Through my affiliation with the Sisters, I have been doing a weekly web radio show on GSHRadio

Recently I took a break from both so I could play catch up on my writing. 

However, I am still involved with The Tampa Leather Club and on the board for Tampa Bay Leather n' Fetish Pride but they don't take up much of my time.

 So, you ask, what has kept me so busy?
For starters, conventions. March was a crazy, crazy month for me and I loved every minute of it! The second weekend of March, I went to a leather event, Alt Life Bike Fest, down at Vitambi Springs Resort & Campground. It was a blast! The following weekend, I was at MegaCon, in Orlando, and successfully sold out of two titles. This convention will now be a staple on my tour schedule (as soon as I send them payment for next year!) The 3rd weekend in March found me at another leather event, Mr. Code Contest, at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg (FL). 

I had a short break the last weekend of March before I headed to Beyond Leather in Ft. Lauderdale. Now, I want to say a few words about BL, as it is affectionately call by the regulars. This was my first time attending and if you are into leather, fetish, BDSM or even write about these topics, you should go to an event like this. The classes were excellent and included demos, as well as hand-on experience. The people were great and happy to talk about anything or answer any questions. This is going to be another annual event for me but more as a mini-vaca than an author.

Well, that catches you up to this month, April. Can you hear me finally able to take a breath? That being said, you will be happy to hear how much work I have gotten done!

Destiny, the sequel to Fates, now sits at 51k+ (only 10 chapters) and still has a way to go. My goal is to have it finished and published before Necronomicon this year since I had so many inquiries for it last year (and that gave me lots of warm fuzzies!)
I also have a new novel in the works called Not For Sale. It is sitting at 35k+ and should land somewhere around 50-60k. I finished the cover (as you can see) so I could share the eye candy with you. That's Rick by the way... isn't he a hottie? I am aiming to have Not For Sale ready for my next convention.

What convention is that, you ask? Well, I am hitting up some of the adult venues to see how well books will sell along side corsets, floggers, leather, and other goodies. My first stop will be The Florida Bash (May 30 - June 2nd) and after Bash I will be at Tampa Bay Escapes (July 18-21).

Now that I have you all caught up with that is going on with me, I want to share something disturbing with you about what some of my author friends are going through. Noble Romance is a publisher that several of my friends have contracts with. Sadly, calling them a publisher at this point is an insult to all the great publishing companies out there. 

My friend, Brita Addams, (you may remember her as one of the authors who donated books for the Billiards, Books, & Booze...Oh My! fundraiser I did last year to benefit Trans*Action Florida) has shared her wretched experience and links to other authors nightmares in dealing with Noble Romance. Notice I am not giving you the link and once you read the horror story that Brita has gone through (yes, it's long, but worth the read), you will understand.

You are probably asking yourself why you should bother reading a blog about an author's nightmare with their publishing company, right? Well, let me give you some food for thought.... Publishers make their money from authors work (deservingly so when they are doing their job and abiding to the terms of the contract) but when a publisher does not do their job, it not only affects the author but it also effects the reader. So, please, if you love to read, even if you have never read any books that are published by Noble Romance, Britia, or myself, take a moment to check out her blog. If you are a 'reader' and consume books like I do, help spread the word about what Noble Romance is doing to their authors. Authors who should get what they are promised in their contracts and who should be spending their time writing the stories we so love to read instead of trying to get the publisher to do their job, as dictated by the contract.

A reader boycott has began against Noble Romance for the way they are treating their authors. Thankfully, I am not affiliated with them in any way but to see what my friends are going through breaks my heart and it's this heartbreak that has me encouraging you to check out Brita's blog while I send lots of positive energy to my friend's muses!

That's it for now, my twisted and kinky friends...
I'll try (really I will) to blog more often to keep you up to date on what I am up to!

P.S. Brother's By Bond (Amazon top 100 on 3 lists for 5 days!
is now available in every format!