Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting 50 Shades fans right...

Hello my lovelies!

As many of you who are in the leather and BDSM lifestyle already know, the popularity of 50 Shades has totally misrepresented us. Those of you who were or are fans of the series and are making plans to see the movie (which I sincerely hope Hollywood tweaks enough to make better than the book!) should want to know the reality about the lifestyle so many of us live. And if you don't and want to remain ignorant to the truth, well there isn't much I or anyone else can do about it. I don't say this to insult you. Not by any means. I am just stating a fact.

By the end of this year, my new publishing company will be launched. Tied and Tethered Publishing is the brain child of mine that was birthed from the desire to counter the inaccuracies and bullshit about our lifestyle that was written in 50 Shades. The goal of this company is to provide realistic and factual scenes in any fiction that includes leather, kink, or BDSM. In fact, that will be the only requirement for submissions. 

What does this mean?

Any genre: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, contemporary, romance, erotica.
Any character combination:  male/female, male/male, female/female, transgender, menage...whatever.
All will be accepted provided they meet the realistic and factual requirement and the writing is up to par for publication. 

For example: If you have a tentacle character who ties up a human to do nasty and wicked things, the bondage better be accurate!

So, if you are an author who is interested in being one of the debut novels for Tied and Tethered, send your pitch and 3 chapters to us!
If you are reader who wishes to be kept up to date on the grand opening of this publishing company and its publications, you can join our mailing list.

Now for some news.

Tied and Tethered is looking for your REAL stories for their debut publication series, Real BDSM. The goal of this series is to provide those curious, and experienced alike, a REAL glimpse into our world since there are so many other books on the market that misrepresent our lifestyle. 
We are currently looking for true life accounts of (briefly) how you were introduced to the lifestyle along with your first scene (as detailed as possible if you can). 

TnT wants REAL accounts, NOT fiction or fantasy. This can't be stressed enough!

No writing experience is required; just send us your story in your own words! Minimal editing will be applied (spelling, grammar, punctuation) if required. 

This series will be ‘lightly’ modeled after Larry Townsend’s The Leatherman’s Handbook in that it will include a (very) brief introduction before your actual story. So, please include your community name or indicate how you would like to be given credit for your submission. Email your story to us!

All contributors will receive a FREE digital copy of the book when it is published.

On that note, I will leave you with this funny video... it is worth watching!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Totally blown away....

Hello again, my twisted lovelies!

Since I was part of the BDSM blog tour at the beginning of the month, I did not do a proper book release post for my new title, Guns & Hoses. So, here it is!

Guns & Hoses is my eighteenth title since 2010. I so can't believe I have been an author for 4 years (well, 3.5, actually until Nov. *grin*) already. Time has flown by! I have been extremely successful at self publishing compared to and according to some of my fellow authors. So, successful in fact, that as many of you know I became incorporated in 2012 just to get away from the 28% self employment (1099) tax that was eating up my royalties!

St. Pete Pride 2014
Of course, this success is do to several factors, I am sure. I have two Bachelor degrees (Business Management & Marketing) that I jokingly say I gave up to become an author. However, I am sure they play a large part in my success thus far. Another aspect that has contributed to how well my new career is going, is that I am fortunate enough to be able to write full time. My very loving husband (that's him, he's a cutie, huh?) nudged me, well kinda shoved me, into finishing my first novel, Fates, back in 2010 and has encouraged my career. I am beyond lucky that I do not have to work 40 hours a week and squeeze my writing whenever I can.
But finally, my success can be contributed to you, my fans, my readers, and I can't thank you enough! I never planned on or dreamed I would end up being an author (unlike most others), so all I can say is thank you for helping me become so successful at my new career.

So, why am I blown away right now? Well, Guns & Hoses was released on June 30th and has sold over 1600 copies already! *squeeee* It has been on 3 Amazon Best Seller lists since release and made it to number 2 on ARe. Now, I have had other Amazon & ARe Best Sellers but the feeling never gets old. The excitement is fresh every damn time! I can't thank everyone enough for making me feel this rush again! 

If you haven't checked out Guns & Hoses yet, here's the blurb and where you can get it.

Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another since the day they met in sixth grade. Their dislike grew into competition and rivalry throughout high school as they were stuck in the same honors classes and played the same sports. That hatred and rivalry followed them into adulthood as one became and cop and the other a fireman.
Sharing the same haunt, Guns & Hoses, gave everyone from both departments plenty of opportunity to witness their personal war. Being forced back onto the football field for a charity game gave both men another venue for their hatred and rivalry to make an appearance.
But those feelings weren't the only emotions in attendance and the winner of the game could just be both of them.

Several reviewers have also chimed in and I have been interviewed recently as well. If you would like to see what everyone is saying (or read my interview), just hop over to my website and scroll down to the book for all the links :)

Thank you all again! Without you, I wouldn't have my wonderful new career! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

BDSM... A Continuous Jorney

Hello my twisted & kinky lovelies! 
I was excited when asked to join this blog. As many of you know, Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism, or more commonly referred to by just the acronym BDSM is a lifestyle I have be living for awhile. My journey is ongoing, as anyone who undertakes this lifestyle knows is the case, and for the last eighteen years I have discovered things about myself that were pleasant, shocking, and scary.
I want to share with you the highlights of my own journey. But before I do, I need to remind (or educate you) that not everyone's journey in this lifestyle is the same. Not everyone experiences the same interpersonal growth. Not everyone wants the D/s (Dominant/submissive) facet that can accompany BDSM. There is nothing wrong with just enjoying the physical aspects of BDSM without incorporating the mental D/s aspect. Every relationship is different. That difference doesn't mean it's wrong. It is just different from your own.
That being said, before I begin my story, let me share some definitions from Merrian Webster.

  • Bondage - A sexual activity that involves tying a person up for pleasure.
  • Discipline - control  that is granted by requiring that rules or order be obeyed and punishing bad behavior.
  • Sadism - Sexual enjoyment obtained by the infliction of physical or mental pain on others (as on a love subject)
  • Masochism - Sexual enjoyment or pleasure that someone gets from be hurt or punished. 

More recently the DS in BDSM has been given the duel definitions and identification for Dominant/submissive. So, I am including these definitions as well.
  • Dominant - Commanding, controlling or prevailing over all others; a dominant individual in a social hierarchy.
  • submissive - willing to obey someone else characterized by tendencies to yield to the will or authority of others.

Now, I will share my journey with you.

When I first met my husband, I knew nothing about this lifestyle. Sure, I knew about some kink... hell, I had been handcuffed and tied down before, even spanked and smacked during sex, but that just made me a bit kinky....right? Well, this is true for most people and with the popularity of Fifty Shades, sadly, most people still fall into this category. But, I digress. As I said, I did not know this kind of kink was actually a lifestyle until I met my husband...and his then current wife... when they needed a nanny. Go ahead, make your Fran Drescher jokes. I'll wait. 
Okay, not that you have that out of your system, I'll continue. 

It was meeting them that I was introduced to the D/s - BDSM lifestyle. It was his then wife who encouraged my husband and I to enter into a D/s relationship. Now, prior to meeting and moving in with them, I had been highly independent, strong minded, and opinionated. The thought of being submissive equated being weak in my uneducated mind. I soon learned not only was I wrong but I was very, very, wrong. As my education began, I reveled in the self challenge to give up the control I had always held onto with an unwavering grip. The same was true for the BDSM aspects that my husband incorporated into our relationship. I took every bit of pain as challenge to not safeword even though I knew that safewording didn't mean I was weak. For five years (three of which were after his wife left him but that's another story), I was my husband's submissive. I can honestly say that these five years were the most challenging, most enlightening, and most educating of my life. That says much since I have earned two Bachelor degrees. Submitting to my husband waned after we married in 2001. This was due to several factors. Our children had become an age where our lifestyle had to change so that our focus was on them. However, as much as I would like to say that was why we packed everything away in the hope chest, the truth is that my Dominant side was growing stronger. I never really fell into my roll as a submissive. It never came naturally to me. Never BECAME natural for me. Every act of submission was still a challenge, it was almost exhausting, and my husband recognized this. This is when my education shifted and changed direction.

 Over the years, our children grew and my journey in the lifestyle continued slowly. We had part time subs that we shared. Usually, just weekend encounters and we still do this since neither of us has found a submissive that suits our needs (together or individually.) My husband and I 'played' when we could and I still submitted to my husband in a BDSM aspect. I enjoyed the kink and Hell, I still do. Did this effect my education as a Dominant? No, it actually has made me a better Dominant and through my journey and education, have since learned that most Dominants train as a submissive for a period of time. 
Now that our children are grown, we have once more returned to the lifestyle that we both realized we missed greatly. The difference now? I sub to my husband for the BDSM kink only. We are husband and wife who happen to be both Dominants. We can also be open and active in our lifestyle community. The freedom to be around others of like mind and to learn from them, to continue not only my journey but my husband's as well, has been liberating for us both and has only made our relationship stronger.

Now, I am going to shift gears, then wrap this blog up.

With the overwhelming popularity of Fifty Shades, BDSM has become "popular." Sadly though, this popularity is hurting our lifestyle. Most of us who have read the trash that was Fifty Shades are insulted at the unrealistic dramatization of what the BDSM D/s lifestyle  is really about. Yes, this series is fiction but for the general population who know no better (and the fact that this fiction introduced them to the lifestyle), it has caused many people to bypass the proper training and education in order to explore the lifestyle. They are learning from other (now popular) BDSM fictional novels, youtube videos, and websites that often continue to misrepresent the lifestyle. In their haste to introduce the kink that turned them on from reading a book, they do not grasp the totality of the mental component of BDSM and/or D/s. I feel safe in saying that 90% of the BDSM D/s lifestyles are mental and not physical. It is this facet that those who think this lifestyle is abusive miss entirely. It is also what threatens the safety of new Dominants and submissives.

So, I share this with you.

I mentioned the popularity of BDSM novels and as an author, I have written my own. Did I write them because they seem to be the hottest thing on the market right now and they might push up my royalties? No, I wrote Not for Sale and Highest Bidder to give readers a realistic BDSM experience in a fictional novel. So, that being the case, I am giving away two digital copies of the combined novels, Undercover Love.

If you hopped here from somewhere else, thank you for visiting My Twisted & Kinky World. If you are here because you seen my post about the blog, please hop onto see the others on this tour. The tour does not officially start until July 5th so if you are here early, I hope you will come back and hop to the others once the tour is underway.

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Devon McCormack, author of Clipped stops by!

Hello again, my Twisted & Kinky Lovelies! 

Did the hot book cover above grab your attention? Well, whether you are into angels or not, it should have! It is the book cover for brand new author Devon McCormack's first novel, Clipped. And just let me say, if you think the cover is HOT then the pages are surely going to burn you up!
I read Clipped when it first was published by Devon and I am thrilled that it was picked up by a publisher. When I was contacted by Pride Promotions to join Devon's blog tour, I was excited to help spread the word about this awesome novel!

Check out the blurb: 
Though mortals have been convinced that God cares about their souls, nothing could be further from the truth. He created the world as a gift for his lover, Satan. But when Satan left him, he decided to end what he saw as his most grotesque creation.
Satan and his army of demons are man's only hope...

The demon Kinzer and his lover, Janka, have been sent by Satan to spy on The Raze, a gang of rogue demons who are working with God to bring about Armageddon. When someone exposes their true allegiances, The Raze clips Kinzer's wings and murders Janka. Kinzer manages to escape. He tracks down Satan's allies to warn them about a mole in their midst when he learns that they've located the Antichrist—a powerful weapon that could prevent the apocalypse. Now, he's on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover’s death.

So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to my special guest, Devon McCormack, so you can get to know more about this great new author! Be sure to continue reading after the interview for a giveaway and excerpt, and where to get your greedy little hands on this title!

Hi Devon and welcome to My Twisted & Kinky World! It’s wonderful to have you here!

Hey, Brenda. I just want to take a moment to thank you. You were my first review for Clipped, and you were so encouraging and supportive, and I appreciate that so much.

Awww... you are most welcome. As most know, I don't tend to leave reviews unless a novel total rocks my world and yours certainly did! 

So, growing up, who was your favorite author?

In middle school, it was S.E. Hinton. I loved The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex. I wasn’t a big reader back then, but those books sucked me right in. In high school, I became obsessed with William Faulkner, which leads perfectly into your next question--

 What writer gives you the most inspiration and/or which one do you aspire to be like?

William Faulkner. Hands down. I adore William Faulkner. I can’t say that I’ll ever be even remotely like him, but I love the way he conveys a story. I love his mind. I love his dialogue. I don’t think anyone who reads this will see any comparison between his work and mine, but it’s because I make no attempt at being anything like him. I know I’ll never be that. I can only be me.

How did you figure out you wanted to be an author?

When I was a kid, I’d write little stories, and my dad would always say, “You’re gonna grow up to be a writer.” But I didn’t like that. It sounded boring. I wanted to go on adventures. I wanted to explore. I wanted to live an exciting life, and I didn’t think I could do that by sitting at a keyboard all day. I’m willing to admit that this was an erroneous assumption on my part.

Eventually, it just sort of took over, and I fell in love with it. I don’t know. I just always gravitated to it. It’s the easiest way for me to express myself.

What was the first piece you ever wrote?

I wrote a story about kid superheroes at like…eight-years-old. I ended up turning it into a novel many, many years later, but it was my first love.

How much of what you write is based on personal experience?

Every single bit of it. I write paranormal stories. Clipped is about angels and demons fucking left and right while battling the apocalypse, but it’s all based on my own life. It’s based on emotions I’ve felt in relationships. It’s based on questions that I’ve had about the nature of religion since I was first exploring the topic.

Do you have any rituals involving your writing?  Before/during/after?

For the most part, I always outline the entire story before I begin. It changes throughout, and about 75% through the novel, I go back and re-outline. Then I finish the story. For Clipped, the outline was maybe 30 major bullet points. I just finished a paranormal book with a bit of mystery to it and that had about 80, but it’s not any longer than Clipped. In fact, it might be about 5,000 words shorter. There were just so many components to it that I wanted to make sure that I knew how everything came together before I started. Even then, the story transformed throughout the writing process. As much as I like to believe these outlines will make my work easier, at the end of the day, I still have to beat out the pages, and that can be a daunting task.

What is your writing process?

It’s whatever gets words on the page. Some scenes, they flow easily and write themselves. Others are so heinous that I’m not sure I was ever able to write to begin with. If a scene is really difficult, then I start it off just as bullet points of things that need to happen and work from that until I’m able to flesh out a scene.

Clipped flowed very naturally. It was rare that I found a scene that I needed to force myself through, but usually, that’s the case. There’s this one scene that has to be written, but I don’t want to write it. To me, writing a book is like being in a relationship. If I want to do it, there are some things that I have to be willing to put up with. And scenes that I just don’t want to write are included in those things. It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun. But it has to get done.

What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?  And how have you overcome it?

A desire to make everything absolutely perfect. I think that’s the fastest way to never write a book. Certainly, I strive to make it as good as I can, but sometimes that means that something isn’t as good as I wished it had been. In the end, no book has ever lived up to my dream vision, but I don’t let that stop me from writing it. There’s a bit of a mind-fuck that I use to get to the end, and it goes something like, “This one is going to be crap. This one is going to be total crap, so just let it be crap.” It frees me from the pressure of having to write something amazing. And usually, it’s not nearly as bad as I think it’s going to turn out.

Are you able to write full time?  Is that your ambition or something you want to keep on the side?

No. I’m a poor person. I just do it on the side.

Do you as an author concentrate on one genre?  Or do you feel like you should try to find your voice among the genres? 

Well, I’m writing several gay books. If we’re going to count that as a genre, then yes. I write a lot of projects, but I’m primarily focusing on those, because I know that there are people out there who will read them. Certainly, I have other ideas and other books that I’ve written. But no one really cares about them. I self published a middle grade novel. No one reads it. No one cares. It’s my favorite project that I’ve ever written, but I think it’s just going to kind of float around until the day I die.

Have you ever based a character on a friend or enemy?

They’re all based on friends and enemies. Some are the teachers that I hated. Some are my current best friends. When I’m writing those pieces where I know friends will catch the similarity, I get a little nervous, but I would rather be called out than stifle the creative impulse, so I always write it.

I bet they love that! On that note, f you had to name one character you have written that was the most like you, which character in which book would that be? 

I have a vampire novel coming out with Wilde City Press in October. It’s called The Pining of Kevin Harding. The main character, whose name is surprisingly Kevin Harding, is so much more like me than any of the other characters I’ve written. I didn’t intend for it to be that way, but the more I wrote, the more I knew it was going to turn out that way.

How do you feel when you finish a book?

“This is crap. No one’s going to like it. Why did I waste all my time doing this? I should just delete it.”

Well, I bet the response to Clipped was a big surprise for you!

How long of a break do you take between books?

Recently, I haven’t taken any breaks. I just finished three books during the winter, and I think that’s how I work best. Whenever I take breaks, I get wildly depressed. There’s a sort of storytelling withdrawal that occurs, and I think the best way to prevent that is to move on to the next story.

How do you react to a bad review of your work?

Cry. Throw a fit. Feel sorry for myself. I try to let myself get really upset about it and then I let it go. There are some perks. I’ve had some amazing quotes in bad reviews that I think make my work sound far more interesting than it really is. The best kind of bad review I can hope for is one that is offended and outraged by the book. At least I’m evoking a powerful response. My greatest fear is a review that’s like, “This was meh.”

What is the best thing about being a writer?

I fall in love…over and over and over again. But it’s different, because I know my characters more than I can know a real-life person. I know how they think. I know why they do horrible things. There are some heinous characters that I adore. In Clipped, there’s a villain named Vera. The love of her life abandoned her, and now she does atrocious things to get back at him. It’s hard for me not to relate. People hurt you, and you want to hurt them back, so it’s easy for me to feel sorry for her. I doubt other people will, though. 

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

In Clipped, there’s this angel with a 20-inch dick. Part of the issue is that he tries to fuck this guy with a very mortal hole, and it’s quite problematic. I think people assume that because I’m writing about this ginormous cock, that I must be a size queen. Truth is, big cocks scare the shit out of me. Most of my life, I’ve avoided guys with big cocks. If anything, the reason I wrote about a 20-incher is because the idea was horrifying, and I largely write about things that scare me.

OMG, Traycore... ummm what can I say about him and that scene? Oh, Oh, I know! Yummmmm. Everyone knows that I am a size queen so that scene was just... *gush*! Yes, I am that twisted! I hope you write more about him and Kid in the next novel!!! Pleeaaaaaaseeeee!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Besides Clipped, I have the vampire novel coming out through Wilde City Press in October. I also have a young adult novel being released by Harmony Ink Press, Dreamspinner Press’ young adult imprint. And I’m wrapping up on revisions for another book that will surely be released at some point. So…just writing, writing, writing. Oh, and editing, editing, editing.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

I have a blog,, or they can visit my Goodreads Author page. I use Facebook and Twitter, but mostly my serious updates are on my blog or Goodreads. Or at Wilde City Press and on Amazon.

As promised, here is the giveaway for your very own HOT copy of Clipped!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now the excerpt!

Dedrus scanned Kinzer’s body, admiring his massive biceps, his brown eyes, and his black waves of hair. Even with the wounds and tears that still tainted his face, he was beautiful. Dedrus wanted to press him back against the cushion, rip off his clothes, and provide him with the ease he deserved. But no! He was just wanting it for himself, and he was pretending that it was to serve Kinzer’s pain. 
“I loved him so much.” The words cracked through Kinzer’s lips. His cheeks and forehead shivered. Tears filled his eyes. “I know we had so much time, but it wasn’t enough.”
The sting in Dedrus’s chest intensified. His cheeks flashed red as anger washed over him—anger that he loathed because it made him feel like a terrible, selfish creature.
He set his hand on Kinzer’s back, his palm stroking softly across the blue fabric of his polo. He wanted to say, “You’ll find love again.” He couldn’t, because he knew he’d really be saying, “Please find love in me.” He thought of saying, “Everything will be alright.” No. He couldn’t make that kind of promise. “It’ll take time,” felt appropriate, and yet, as an immortal, Dedrus never perceived time as a generous gift as much as a twisted, agonizing punishment.
“I wish I could think of something right to say about this,” Dedrus said, “but I can’t. I know how much you loved him, and I know how much he loved you, and I can’t imagine how hard this is going to be for you. But I’m here. As your friend. I don’t know if that means much, but I know the feeling of having something so perfect and wonderful torn from you.”
Kinzer’s gaze met his. His eyes were sad.
Does he know what I’m talking about?
“Tell me you’ve found someone,” Kinzer said.
“Of course,” he lied. “I’m just being overdramatic.”
“I figured as much. Considering where you work, I'm sure you get a lot of offers.”
It was true, but not the way Kinzer was suggesting. There were nights when Treycore dragged some pathetic mortal back to ease Dedrus’s pain. Those nights were the loneliest. Though he could bring himself to climax, it was an empty relief that just stirred the cruel memories of those moments filled with so much more.
Dedrus hugged him again. “Let’s get to bed,” he said. “You need some sleep.”
Kinzer nodded.
“We have plenty to sort through tomorrow. You can have my room. I’ll just sleep here.”
Dedrus released him.
Kinzer picked the sword up off his lap and stood. He reached his hand out. “Come on. It won’t be the first time we’ve shared a bed.”
The upward curl of his lip let Dedrus know that Kinzer was more than interested.
Dedrus’s dick swelled. “I don’t think I can.” He wanted Kinzer so bad, and if he put himself in that position, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist making a move—especially if Kinzer initiated something.
“I'd rather not disrespect you like that,” Dedrus said.
Kinzer’s hand fell, bouncing against his jeans. His head drooped.
“Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Dedrus smiled. “‘Night, Kinzer.”
Kinzer knelt, offering a light peck on Dedrus’s lips.
Don’t tease me with a taste!
“Up the stairs, first room on the right.”
Kinzer walked up the stairs, headed down the hall, and slipped into Dedrus’s bedroom.
Dedrus had hoped that Kinzer’s exit would provide some relief.
It didn't.
He ached for him. His thoughts dwelled on Kinzer’s lips tickling his nipples, his gaze appreciating his body, his tongue delighting in his body’s grooves. He wanted to run upstairs and throw his arms around him, to hold him for the night, and tell him that no matter what happened he’d be there for him. He wanted more than that, but he wouldn’t press his friend. He wouldn’t dare cross that line…even if Kinzer insisted.
Spreading his limbs across the couch, he rested his head on a lace pillow at the end and rolled so that he was facing the cushions.
He closed his eyes.
A few moments passed before something pressed against his ass.
He flipped over and hopped to his feet, ready for a fight.
Kinzer stood before him, holding his hands out, as if showing a cop that he was unarmed. “Whoa, cowboy. Chill the fuck out.”
“Sorry.” Every hair on Dedrus’s immortal body stood on end. “You freaked the shit out of me. Did you need something? Another cover? Pillows?”
Kinzer wiggled his thumb behind the waistband in Dedrus’s khakis.
“Yeah. I need something.” He pulled their pelvises together.
His hot breath rushed across Dedrus’s lips, settling in the bristles across his cheeks. The warmth combined with a rush of blood that surged to his face and made him feel like his cheeks were about to catch on fire.
Kinzer pressed his lips against Dedrus’s.
Amidst the creases in Kinzer’s lips, Dedrus felt the smooth, subtle dip where Kinzer’s cut was healing.
He trailed his palm over the rough fabric of Kinzer’s polo. As he reached the smooth flesh of his neck, curly black hairs pricked his fingertips.
Kinzer opened his mouth wide. Dedrus eagerly reciprocated, tilting his head and allowing their lips to seal together. A swirling sensation gathered at the back of his spine and rushed to the crown of his skull.
Guilt nagged at his thoughts. He couldn’t do this. Kinzer didn’t really want him. He was just vulnerable and ached for a physical distraction from his grief. It would be wrong to take advantage while he was still recovering from Janka’s death.
Kinzer’s tongue flicked his.
He wanted Kinzer so bad, but not like that. Pressing his hand against the dip between the bulbous, jagged pecs before him, he broke their sealed kiss.

For you authors who may be checking out this interview and looking to do a blog tour of your own, check out:

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Aredyrah is back!

Tour Schedule

Indie Hoopla Gala (5/5) | Mary's Cup of Tea (5/6)

Siren's Dreamscape (5/7)
Njkinny's World of Books (5/8) | Carpe Diem (5/8)
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 Saintz Realm Spotlightz (5/12)
Fated Dimensions (5/13) | My Inner Muse (5/13)
A Saintz Dream (5/14) | The Blood Flow (5/14)
My Fae-void Demon (5/15)
Laki Loves Indies (5/16) | Hell Fyre Risen (5/16)

Series: Souls of Aredyrah

About the Series
Game of Thrones meets Narnia in this epic tale of two boys whose chance meeting leads them to a disturbing discovery: Not only are they bound by blood and prophecy, but their opposing beliefs are founded on similar lies. With adventure and romance, mysticism and cultural conflicts, this coming-of-age tales asks: What would you do if you learned everything you’ve been raised to believe is false—and those in power will do anything to stop the truth?

Book 1
In the world of Aredyrah, things are not what they seem. An ancient Purge has plunged the island into darkness, isolating its cultures by superstition and fear. Dayn lives in the northernmost region of Kirador and knows nothing of the great city-state of Tearia far to the south. All he knows is the Kiradyns are the only survivors of a god’s fiery wrath, and he looks nothing like them. Meanwhile Ruairi, a prince destined for greatness, resents his Tearian obligations, longing for a life he can never hope to have. But when tragedy takes his beauty as well as his name, he finds himself exiled by the very beliefs he once held dear. Both boys long for acceptance in societies that cling to religious ideals, but when fate throws them together, Dayn and Ruairi discover some unwelcome truths: not only are they bound by blood and prophecy, but the teachings they have been raised on are nothing more than lies. Will they reveal what they have learned, risking their lives and the security of those they love? Or will they keep silent, denying their destinies and the future enlightenment of their world?

Buy Book #1: The Fire and the Light
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Book 2
The Prophecy has come to life in Tearia, and the Temple wants nothing more than to see it dead. Whispers say the Unnamed One walks amongst them, and there is little doubt as to who that person is. Reiv is oblivious to the hopes turning in his direction, just as he is ignorant of a plot being waged against him. He has no time for rumors or innuendos; he is too busy trying to build a new life for himself. But the life he longs for will have to wait. A rebel movement is growing, and Reiv’s cousin Dayn has joined the insurgents in their cause.

Angered by Dayn’s involvement, Reiv reverts to his old self-serving behaviors. He wants nothing to do with prophecies or rebellions, and isn’t sure he wants anything to do with Dayn either. But when tragedy throws Reiv into new turmoil, he finds himself facing a dangerous choice. Someone he loves is dying, and there is only one chance to save him.

Will Reiv choose to be a Transcendor, fated to sacrifice his life for another? Or is he truly the Unnamed One, a hero destined for glory? One will save the life of an individual, the other that of an entire kingdom.

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Book 3
The saga of Aredyrah continues as Dayn and Alicine return to Kirador to find things very different from when they left. Their house has been ransacked, their parents missing, and evidence of spell work has put a price on Dayn’s head. Frightened, they go to the nearest place they know of: the homestead of Haskel, a man who has never been accepting of Dayn’s differences, and even less so of his own son’s.

Back in Tearia, Reiv has settled into the quiet life of a Shell Seeker. But while the rhythm of his routine is calm, the longings of his heart are not. He turns to Cora, an eye-catching girl who has also drawn the attentions of Lyal, a man whose hatred of Reiv goes far beyond jealously. But romance is the least of Reiv’s worries. A terrible plague is spreading, and Reiv’s brother, the King, is determined to burn it from the land—even if it means killing innocents along the way.

While Reiv risks annihilation by Tearia’s increasingly brutal king, Dayn suffers challenges of his own. His disappearance from Kirador months before not only ended the existence he once knew, but started a witch hunt that threatens his safety and the survival of his clan.

Both Dayn and Reiv find themselves facing a difficult choice: Leave their homelands in order to save themselves and those they love, or stay and fight an evil they cannot hope to defeat.

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Book 4
In this final installment of the award-winning Souls of Aredyrah series, Dayn and Reiv find themselves facing an old foe and falling into the trap of a new one. Struggling to make their way home through a bitter landscape, they soon discover they are not alone. A tribe known as the Taubastets has captured them in a life-or-death scenario, and the tribe’s chief is determined that one of them must be sacrificed. When a young warrior named Tyym vows to see them home, they face decisions that will not only affect their survival, but the spiritual salvation of their world.

While Reiv, Dayn, and Tyym navigate a web of conspiracy and doubt, Dayn’s sister Alicine struggles with loss and the impending threat of invasion. The king of Tearia has not abandoned his quest to slay them, and his seemingly unstoppable army is nearly through the pass. But when Tyym enters the scene, hope is rekindled. Even Alicine cannot deny the charisma of the mysterious warrior who has wormed his way into their lives, and into her heart.

The game is in play. A traitor is in their midst. Can the souls of Aredyrah hope to defeat a monster disguised as a king? Or will they succumb to a darkness beyond their understanding?

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Tracy A. Akers is a former language arts teacher and an award-winning author. She grew up in Arlington, Texas, but currently lives in Florida with her husband, three naughty pugs, and a feisty chihuahua. She graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a degree in Education, and has taught in both public and private schools. She currently divides her time between writing, lecturing, spending time with her family, and costuming at fantasy and science fiction conventions.

Ms. Akers has won numerous awards for her Souls of Aredyrah fantasy series for young adults. As a Florida Book Awards winner, she was acknowledged for her contribution to YA literature by the Governor of Florida during the 2008 Florida Heritage Month Awards Ceremony. Books One and Two of the Aredyrah Series are included in the Florida Department of Education’s 2008 Just Read Families Recommended Summer Reading List. In addition, Ms. Akers has been an invited guest author at major book events and writers’ conferences, a panelist at fantasy and science fiction conventions, and was on the steering committee for Celebration of the Story, a literary event held at Saint Leo University.

The Souls of Aredyrah Series is Ms. Akers’ first series of novels for young adults.

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