Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My latest appearance: Necronomicon 2011!

What can I say about Necronomicon? A whole bunch actually. For those of you who do not know what Necronomicon ( Necro for short) is, well let me tell you! It is a fantasy, sci-fi & horror convention that happens every October in St. Petersburg Florida. This year was the 30th anniversary and we had a blast!

For myself, I always enjoy any convention that includes costumes and gaming. Necro had a lot of both! The bonus was being able to hang out with some of my author friends and talk on some panels about what else? Writing!  Every year the topics just get better and better. Although my favorite is always the panel on SEX! Well, duh! Many of the authors do not write about SEX but instead write sensual scenes into their stories. I absolutely love having this market cornered! No matter what kind of convention (okay well maybe not any convention of a religious type), there are always con-goers who will buy erotica. Yey for me! I mean, come on, who could resist a pitch that involves touching and fondling (the books, not me!) from a woman wearing flashing horns? And of course the horns bring about all sorts of comments... of the horny variety! 
By the end of the con, I had quite the following and had made many new friends (*waves to you and you know who you are*). I can't wait for Necro 2012 so we can do it all over again!

Now it is time to get back to work... New Beginnings is in the last stages of editing and should be ready for my next appearance at the Fetish Circuit. I also will be putting all of my work on Smashwords and adding a new section to my website for aspiring authors who may want to self publish. On my dance card is also trying to get involved with some blog tours and blog hops so keep your eyes out for me! You never know where I might pop-up next!

That's it for now all my kinky & twisted friends....

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  1. Hey Brenda, it's Charley. It was awesome to see you at Necro and yes, your horns were indeed fabulous. I look forward to seeing you at Circuit this year and hope you have a great time of things between now and then.