Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winding down... & Working!

Hello again, my twisted and kinky friends!

Fall is officially here, even in the sunny state of Florida. We may not have the changing of the leaves but when it drops down into the 50's at night, we know it is fall. I know, I know.... the 50's you say. Well, when we are used to the 90's for most of the year, the 50's is damn cold!
And... if the weather was not an indication, all you have to do is look at how the 'natives' (those of us that actually live in Florida ALL year) and see how we are dressed! It is jeans weather for us now and anyone in shorts is either a tourist or a 'snow-bird'!
So, in honor of finally having to wear jeans & a long sleeve shirt last night, here is a fall fairy for you.

Okay, now that I have given you the weather update... let me update you on the rest of what has been going on lately. I recently finished my last convention of the year, Necronomicon and had a wonderful time as always! I met several first time authors who were attending for the first time and made several new friends. Of course, I also spent time with the friends I see every year there. With Necro over, I have a break from Cons until Jan. when I will be attending SwampCon in Gainsville. Currently, I only have three conventions lined up for next year but my schedule tends to change as the year progresses. So, be sure to check my website often to see where I may be, on or offline.

On the writing front... All of you Shadows fans will be happy to know that I just finished writing the 4th book. This is Cindy's ("but call me Sin because I am Sinful") book entitled Embracing Sin. Now, before you starting asking where you can get the latest book, I still have to transcribe 3 chapters and do A LOT of editing. But don't worry, when it is published, you will be the first to know! For those of you who have not checked out my Shadows series, you can read the first chapter of the 3 books (and anything else I have or will write) on my website.

Once Embracing Sin is published, I am going to try and get Zarkina to tell me the rest of her story so I can get Destiny (the sequel to Fates) finished. And if that doesn't work, well maybe Oliva will let me know what happens when she returns home to ask the elves for help. 
In other news, I have a work in progress (only 4 chapters so far) that will be set in the leather community but that is a back burner project. The characters are talking to me but I am still researching the leather community so I can understand what they are showing me. Nothing like be confused and trying to write what characters show you when you don't even know the correct names of harnesses!

That is it for now, my lovelies! 

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