Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lakisha Spletzer's 3-Year Indie Anniversary Party!

Hello again my loves!

I have a treat for you today! My friend and fellow author, Lakisha Spletzer, is celebrating her third anniversary as an indie author by having a party. Not just any party either! 

She is giving away tons of stuff for FREE to celebrate. Every day for the next few weeks, there are prizes to be won!

So, why am I sharing this awesome news with you? Well for starters, I know you all love FREE book giveaways just as much as I do. But the real reason is that I love Lakisha's work, she's a great friend, and ... I am part of the scavenger hunt! Yep, I said scavenger hunt!

So, I bet you are dying for more info... like what the scavenger hunt prizes might be...hummm? Lakisha is giving away a $25 to Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Paypal, which is nice, but the prize that I am sure will make most of you drool is the ebook jackpot! Over a dozen books from authors participating in the scavenger hunt...something for everyone for sure! I am sure you are just itching to get started but before you do, check out the rules of the hunt HERE
Already know the rules? Well then, Let the Hunt Begin!
Here is your Scavenger Hunt Form.

And, here is the raffle!

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