Thursday, July 18, 2013

Write on the Edge with me!!!

Hello My Lovlies!!

I had the best time being interviewed on the Writers Online Network radio show Write on the Edge!
As most of you know, I write on the edge... LOL  I couldn't resist. But I had a blast with my friend WT Prater and his co-host Amanda Stone as we talked about all kinds of good stuff!

If you are visiting me here because you listened to the interview than you already know what I am talking about... But... if you have not had a chance to hear it yet, well, what are you waiting for??? 
Go HERE and check it out!!

So, now for the reason you all are here after checking out the fun I had with WT & Amanda... I am doing a give-a-way. 3 Copies of my Amazon top 50 novel, Brothers By Bond.

So, just follow the directions below for your chance to get one!!


  1. I very much enjoyed listening to the program. I've heard of authors sitting for hours upon hours in coffee shops to write but for some reason I hadn't thought of doing so in a gay bar. Seems appropriate and definitely a way to find instant creative fodder. :) I haven't had a chance to read your work yet but I look forward to (fingers crossed) being a recipient of one of the giveaways. sam(dot)a(dot)mazur(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for leaving a comment about my interview. I am glad you enjoyed it! Believe it or not, I don't really get any inspiration from the guys at the bar. I have been going to this bar for about 15 years now so I just know everyone. It's sorta like the TV show Cheers... LOL. I tried writing in a coffee shop but I realized that a few coffees were way more than my pitcher of beer so that is how it all came about. Weds are $5 pitchers... so I do most of my writing then. I can sit for 4 hours on a pitcher of beer and I would need A LOT more coffee for that length of time in a coffee shop LOL

    I hope Rafflecopter picks your name for one of the 3 books I am giving away since you left a comment. If you want to read some of my book's full first chapters, here is the link to my preview page on my website:

    Best Wishes,