Friday, October 11, 2013

Reading, Writing, & Just plain busy!

Hello my twisted & kinky lovelies!

It's been a while, I know, but you know I am not good at keeping up with this blog. But at least I am not bombarding you every other day, huh? *grin*

So, Since August when I last posted... some things have went to hell in a hand basket while others have been awesome! Let's start with the bad and end with the good... 

As many of you who are my friends on Facebook know, my server crashed over the summer and I lost EVERYTHING! To make it worse, the mirrored back-up in the server became corrupted too. So every file for my books, from rough chapters, to character notes, to each formatted book for Smashwords, Kindle, & CreateSpace, was lost. Depression doesn't even begin to touch how upset I was. Thankfully, I was able to download the PDF versions of each book from Smashwords and convert them back to a raw Word doc. This brought it's own misery since the conversions were wonky. Each still needed to be fixed to get back to the raw written file before I could reformat for Smashwords, Kindle & Createspace. I am still working on this nightmare. However, the upside of having to do all this work on my titles is that I have been able to go through and edit & update each book (bio, titles, etc.)
After that fiasco, Just a few weeks ago, Amazon screwed with author's Kindle files. Somehow, they re-categorized all of the M/M romance books and put them in the ART Literature category! On top of that, they changed the cover requirements and removed most of my books covers. Now, you might not think this is such a big deal to fix, but every time something has to be changed/updated on a Kindle file, it has to be republished and it takes 24-48 hours for the book to be available again! Fucking nightmare and I am still dealing with that!

Ok, so now onto the good!

Not for Sale, sat on the top 20 list for M/M for over a month! Yey! It is not officially my best selling novel after Brothers by Bond (which was a top 50 for almost a month!) I can't tell you how good it feels (and it was nice to make a paycheck for a change!) I also released the sequel, Highest Bidder, in August. It isn't doing as well as I expected but I believe that is do to the poor timing on my part for releasing it at the beginning of the school year. Oh well, lesson learned! And... you know you can read the first chapter previews on my website, HERE.

Been busy with a few other things as well... I have started making paracord floggers and selling them. I won't be selling them at my book conventions but I will be making an Etsy store soon. I'll let you know when it is up and running :)
I have a few appearances coming up as well. Since it is October, I will be at Necronomicon again the 18th-20th. I will be selling my books and taking on 5-6 panels, so come by and say 'Hi'! 
I will also be at Florida Leather n' Fetish Pride selling books and the floggers Nov. 8th-10th.

Haven't been doing any writing since I finished Highest Bidder. My muse seems to be on a reading kick and I have stumbled onto a few FREE reads that have been excellent, 5 star books in my opinion. So, I thought to share them with you!

I haven't gotten so wet from reading a book since Special Forces! Clipped is a FREE read from Smashwords and I am praying that Devon McCormack is planning a sequel. I checked and there isn't one yet. This book puts a spin on the war between Heaven & Hell. Here is the Blurb: After Demon Spy Kinzer's cover is blown, on of God's gangs, The Raze, clips his wings and murders his angel lover. When he sets out to warn his allies about a mole in their mist, he discovers that his friends have located the Antichrist, whom Satan has created to stop God's second Christ from destroying the world. Now, Kinzer is on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover. Don't let all the religion turn you off from this book because there really isn't much in it and the twistedness makes it worth the read!

I was really surprised I got hooked on this book and couldn't put it down. Even though it is listed as a M/M Rom, I think it falls more into just the Gay category. I usually don't read books about college aged kids and without any sex in them but this book hooked me because of the rich plot. So much so, that I went and bought the sequel and I can't wait for the final book to be released. This is another FREE read from Smashwords. Here is the blurb: Neil Josten knows signing with the Palmento State Foxes is a fatal mistake. After eight years on the run he ought to have better survival instincts, but one of his new teammates is a friend from his old life. Neil left him once; he can't walk away a second time. The longer he stays the faster his past catches up with him, but maybe Neil's finally found someone and something worth fighting for.

Here is the last 5 star recommendation I have for you. Cops who can't stand each other or resist their attraction for one another... how hot is that?? Very! Another FREE Read from Smashwords that I bought the sequel to. Here is the blurb: Kids look for freedom and discover they have more to lose than they thought possible. London and Phoenix  culture and Cowboys, nothing linking these two cities except a hit on a computer data search. Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. Add a secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing mutual distraction. What the hell have Remmington and Mainwaring gotten themselves into?
Well, that is all for now, my loves (as if this post wasn't enough!) I hope you will try to come out and see me and let me know what you think of these free reads!

PS - did I mention I was featured in The News Gayper for National Coming out Day (Oct. 11th)?

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