Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now for the "in with the new"….

This year is promising to be a very, very busy year for me. I have surpassed my appearance schedule from last year by far and I am extremely excited. As some of you who know me know, I am very much a 'people person.' So, any chance I get to hang out meeting people while selling my books is pure heaven to me!

Where will I be hanging out this year, you ask?

For starters, I will be doing my first blog event, 99 cents Indie Hoopla. This will run from Jan. 15-22. Basically, 35 authors are participating and offering their book(s) for 99 cents and each day five different authors are featured. So, be sure to check out my site for the link so you can tour around and pick up some great books at a great price. I'll also be blogging about this again when it starts up.

Also associated with the Indie Author's, I will be a guest on the Indie Author How-To Show on Jan. 21st. It's internet radio and I will be speaking about becoming self published. All the do's & don'ts that I learned over the last year. So if you are looking to publish, then you might want to tune in!

Toward the end of Jan. I will be at Time Lord Fest 2012 (Jan. 28, Saturday 5-10p) I have never done this mini-con before so come hang out with me at this Dr. Who mini-con. I will be selling & signing books, as always, and I may even end up on the one author panel they are planning to have. I haven't heard back about that but since I am such a people person, I am sure even if I am blind sided by being added to the panel that I'll be okay :o)

I only have one event on my calendar for Feb. and it is not an author appearance. MegaCon 2012 is Feb. 17-19 in Orlando. I will be in the RPG room helping out with the gaming. Even though I am not here as an author, you can still stop by and say 'hi.' I will have books with me, but sales will be by request ONLY since I am officially 'working' the gaming room. I did this last year and had a total blast. Being a big gamer geek, how could I not?

May brings me to Oasis 25 from May 25-27 in Orlando.I did this Sci-Fi con last year by splitting an author table with my friend Bill Hatfield. It was my first con experience as an author and I have to say it was pretty disappointing. I don't know if my disappoint was because I am not a big Sci-Fi person or if it was because I only was able to get on one panel (Sex @ 10!). I am not sure how to gauge my sales (and I did have several sales even though I was not selling Sci-Fi) so I am going to try this con again. I will not be staying at the hotel this time since that put me too far in the red but instead will be staying at Daytona Beach and commuting. So, if you are at either, send me a message and maybe we can grab a drink or three!

June, well the end of June, brings me the appearance I am most excited about! St Pete Pride 2012 Street Festival & Promenade is on June 30, from 9-3 in St. Petersburg, Florida. This year is the 10th Annual Pride parade & festival. it is the largest in the nation & it's FREE! Can't beat free! I'll be in tent 440! So, come say 'hi', buy a book, sign-up for a free T-Shirt or get your face painted by Kara! It is going to be a total blast! 

I get a few month break before I do my last convention of the year... at least the last one I have planned this year! Necronomicon is Oct. 19-21 in St. Petersburg. I really had a blast last year at this Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror convention. I was on several author panels and sold a ton of book. The best part of the con was meeting a lot of very cool people! I can't wait to do it again this year!

Now that I bombarded you with my appearance schedule, let me tell you my plans for writing... 

For the last several months, Fans have been asking for the sequel to Fates. I know I have been slacking and I know I just need to buckle down and get Zarkina's story told. Writing epics (Fates was 130k!) takes time and if Destiny is anything like Fates, it will take several months before it is in print. But... I will get it done this year and hopefully it will be out around July.

I am also planning on finishing up The Sapphire Tower series (books 2 & 3) and I have a few characters from  the Shadows series that are starting to make their voices known in my head.

Aside from those books... I never know what other characters might just start talking to me and end up being a book. I might try another publisher call submission but I really haven't made up my mind on that. It was uncomfortable writing by being given a plot topic and word count. Well, uncomfortable for the first few chapters but I might still try another call if something catches my eye. The calls are not good for my impatience since they are submitted by one date and acceptance/decline letters are sent out two months later! We will just have to see.

So, that is it for now... I am doing good on my promise, yes? Two blogs so far this year! Should be many more to come since I have all these great events to tell you about!

Stay twisted & kinky!

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