Sunday, January 8, 2012

So… it's a new year… out with the old, riiight?

Well, before I can get to the new, I have to recap the old. Last year was a very productive year for me. I attended two conventions as an author and sat on several writing panels. Which I might add, is pretty damned good since I've only been published since March 2011! Of course, I wouldn't have been able to do any of that without the books! I wrote five in total (even though there are six published, I don't count the Shadows Anthology) but have no idea if that is good or bad for an indie author. I like to think it was good :o)

Fates was (and always will be) my baby. Partly because it was the first but mostly because it allowed me to bring to life the D&D character who has been living in my head for the last 20 years! Zarkina will always be what she is in Fates but as the story progressed, she revealed to me how much more she really was. I should also note, that she has been my online alias since 1992…way before all the Russian Zarkina's came onto the scene. Chances are, the google searches you find, are actually me and almost any MMO where her name might pop up (currently she resides in Rift), is me as well. So, if you see her, don't be shy. Just say hello :o)

Soul Stealer was a 'filler' project for me as Fates was being edited. I can't say how Kira came into being but only that one night she was there whispering in my ear as I was trying to go to sleep. She was a persistent bitch and still is according to Alec but at least now that her story has been put to paper, she doesn't haunt me before bed!

When Beasts Bite was born for Soul Stealer. Nick and Jordy were just there and they took Kira's place in keeping my mind awhirl as I tried to call it a night. It was my first attempt at writing male/male romance and I think it may show for those more experienced in reading that genera. However, their story is what it is and I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them yet… but who knows. I should mention that aside from the sequel to Fates, these guys get the most requests for more stories.

Barely Restrained came about because my fans of Soul Stealer and When Beasts Bite wanted to know more about Roni. Hell, I wanted to know more about Roni too but she doesn't like to share her past. It was actually Zac who came to me first and showed me bits of his relationship with Hunter…the garage scene was the first bit of juiciness I got a peek at and oh what a scene it was! The problem was I did not know how all this tied into Shadows and for weeks I actually thought I had a new fae BDSM series. It wasn't until Zac showed up at Shadows did I realize this was Roni's tale. Weird how it works out sometimes.

Of course, the Shadows Anthology was also born of fan requests. Many wanted all three is one book so I was happy to combine them. A huge Thank You goes to my friend Kevin Morris who not only gave me the cover picture but actually name the picture after the book *hugs*

New Beginnings was my last publication of 2011 and it brought me back to my love of fantasy. I was more daring in this book with the male/male romance but since it is such a new release, I have not really gotten any feedback on it yet. But I digress… The Sapphire Tower came to me before anything else and I knew that mages resided with in. It wasn't until Zek's multicolored eyes stared haunting my dreams as he plowed through the snow to reach the tower that I knew it was a story.

Even though New Beginnings was published in November, my year writing was not finished. I have decided to get ballsy and write a story for a publisher's submission call. I have never attempted to write where I was given a plot and a word count before. Always my characters just showed up in my head and started telling me their story. Writing by being given the topic was (still is!) strange for me. I do not know if the story will get accepted or not but to be honest I am more nervous that they will say yes, instead of no. It is a fantasy and my first attempt at male/trans writing. The worst that can happen is they will say no thank you and I will self publish the story on my own. I won't know until the middle of June and that seems an awful long way away.

Well, this is my recap of 2011. I have a ton of stuff lined up for 2012 but that will have to be in another blog since I have rambled along enough in this one! :o)

I hope you all had a great year in 2011 and I have only the Best Wishes for you to have a wonderful 2012!

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