Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a quick note...

Hello my twisted and kinky lovelies! Don't forget that I will be hosting a Hot, Hot, Hot month of Sizzling July Interviews in a few weeks! 

Want to know who will be here? Well, here's the list!

Amara - July 1-3
Evan J. Xaiver - July 4-6
S.L. Armstrong - July 7-9
Brita Addams - July 10-12
Leigh Ellwood - July 13-15
Blaine Arden - July 16-18
Leigh Jarrett- July 19-24
A.D. Cooper - July 22-24
Giselle London - July 25-27
Rachel Haimowitz - July 28-31

So be sure to check back!

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