Monday, June 18, 2012

Sizzling July is almost here!

Hello my lovelies! I have been running ragged as you well know if you read my last post! *pants and tries to catch breath* June has turned into a continuous whirlwind for me but I am not complaining!

I had a blast down at Vitabmi Springs Resort with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! It was fun but also tiring. No rest for me, or the Sisters though! We have our Red Dress Ball coming up this Sat. benefiting the Francis House and Pride the following weekend. So the Sisters will be some busy little nuns! 

But they aren't the only ones who will be busy! I have the final details for my vendors booth at Pride and am sooooo excited! *does a happy dance* Last year there were almost 90 thousand people that attended and it grows every year! Now, I don't expect to sell that many books (don't I wish I could!) but since my funds were limited, I was only able to stock up to around 200 traditional paper books for the festival. So, I have been busy burning digital copies onto CD's to sell for when (not if!) I run out of traditional copies!

So far, I have around 50 CD's burned. Now, keep in mind that not only do the digital copies need to be burned on the CDs but the labels have to be designed and printed and the CDs sticker-ed then stuffed into the CD envelopes before I can seal them with yet another sticker from the label sheet. I get around 8 done an hour. I am not complaining.... nope not at all... just trying to point out another facet of being self published! I am my own marketing and production department!

I have also been super busy getting the Sizzling July Interview Series blogs ready to go. I bet you are dying to know who will be stopping by my little twisted piece of heaven, aren't you?
Well, I guess I will share with you the line up for the first half of July! Are you ready? *grins*

My very, very special guests will be appearing on the following dates:

Amara - July 1-3
Evan J. Xaiver - July 4-6
S.L. Armstrong - July 7-9
Brita Addams - July 10-12
Leigh Ellwood - July 13-15

So, be sure to stop by and get to know more about these awesome peeps! 
That is all for now, my twisted lovelies! Keep getting your read on!

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