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Sizzling July Interview with A.D. "Addy" Cooper!

Our Sizzling July Interviews continues! It was awesome having Amara here to tell us about all the craziness that she is up to but today we kick off the author interviews!

Welcome to My Twisted & Kinky World!
Twisted? Who you calling twisted? Just kidding. I think we’re just... fun. And open minded. Right?
I think all of us who write erotica are a bit twisted... but that's what makes our books so fun to read!

Let's start off by telling everyone a little bit about you!
Oh God, I suck at intros. Okay, here goes. I’m A. D. Cooper, but everyone calls me Addy. I’m a self published writer of primarily gay erotic fiction, but I also write erotic romances and other genres.
See, that wasn't so bad. *grins*

So, I know when I sit on writer panels I am always asked this question. When did you start writing?
When did I start writing? Oh... probably when I was in grade school. I used to make up characters in my head. I’d draw pictures and give them a story and everything *laughs*. I’ve gone through a few phases in the past where I wrote a lot of both original and fan fiction, but as a published writer, that’s very recent.

What inspired your first book? 
It was inspired... believe it or not, by Brangelina (laughs).
I was watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith earlier, and thought to myself, "what if you had two spies that slept with each other but had no idea about each other's real occupation?" And thus Michael & Damien were born.
What was the Title?
My first book... That was Killer Liaison.
Was it published?
I published it at literally the very end of 2011.
I totally loved getting to know Michael & Damien!

Have you always written erotica? If not, what else do you write/have you written?
 I’ve always like writing about sex, but most of the original fiction I wrote in the past were more romance, sci-fi. That was back before I found out how much people like reading about sex. *laughs*
Yeah, you know what they say, sex sells. *grins*

What made you decide to write erotica?
It was a friend who told me about self-publishing. I was writing a lot of fan fiction at the time, and most of them were basically erotic romances, so I thought, why not try my hands at writing my own stuff?

How would you classify your erotic writing?
My writing, as I’ve mentioned, is primarily gay erotica. Raunchy gay erotica. *laughs* I don’t really have a sub-genre within gay erotica. I write whatever comes to me. It could be plot intensive or just a short encounter of two characters.

Do you have a specific writing style?
My writing style is... well, I guess if you read my writing, they’ll have a certain style to it, but I don’t really stick to a first POV or third POV for all of them. I use whatever tells the story best.
Interesting, most authors I have met have a preference. This just makes your writing more versatile.

What is the process you use for writing?
I’m a sporadic writer. I have a really rough outline, just key points that I want to hit, and I go. I let my muse take me where it wants to go.
Oh, I know what that is like! Remember when my muse kidnapped me? *laughs*

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The challenging part of writing, for me, is to have a believable plot while still have an interesting enough story to tell. A lot of times, the more research I do the more I go “OMG I can’t write this!?” Another thing is to have well written characters but balance the character development well with the rest of the story.
Believability is always good!

Is there a message in your novel(s) that you want your readers to grasp?
Hmm. No comment. lol. Make love, not war? Does that count?
Sure does!

Are your plot lines based on real life experiences or are they purely fiction?
Well, some of them are inspired by things that have happened to me, or to my friends. Others are purely fiction.
Humm… now I will have to re-read some of your work and see if anyone we both know jumps out at me! *chuckles*
Are there certain characters or stories you would like to go back to?
Definitely the Danger Games series. I’m not done with it yet, I’m just taking a break from it to work on other shorts. I’d like to go back and expand on the story and that universe though.
Danger Games (vol. 1) was awesome! I can't wait to read more about Michael & Damien.

Is being an author your only full time job or do you have a 'day job' as well?
Writing and cover design is my “day job” right now. After I quit my previous job, I had a lot of free time on my hands, which was why I got into self-publishing, and now it’s become my full time job.

What current projects are you working on?
I’m working on a few erotic romance titles as well as other erotica shorts.

Most authors offer some sort of e-pub of their work. Do you offer traditional paper versions as well?
My books are mainly short stories, so they’re not really suitable for paper version, but I’m looking into publishing bundles and longer stories on paper in the future.
Ohhh, well, let me know so I can have you back!

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Write. Just write. There is nothing stopping you except yourself. Learn from others and know when to let go.

Thanks for dropping by My Twisted & Kinky World!
I’m glad to be here! Thank you for inviting me!
*waves goodbye to Addy*

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That is all for now my Twisted & Kinky friends.  

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