Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Been a bit quiet lately...

Hello my Twisted and Kinky lovelies....

I know I haven't posted since the last give-a-way in August but things have been a bit crazy for me! I released my 3rd book this year, Brothers by Bond. If you are into cop friends who end up as lovers, well check out this preview!

I am excitedly pleased that this book stayed on Amazon's lists for 5 days. It is my first time making the lists *happy dance*

Currently, Brothers by Bond is being offered free to Amazon Prime members but if you would like to by the paperback, please buy it directly from my store (my royalties are better!)

On a more personal note, I recently have had major dental surgery (which is why I have been so quiet for a change *grin*) and am still recuperating. I haven't worked on Embracing Sin (Shadows v.4), Destiny (the sequel to Fates) or any other projects because writing while on pains meds may sound fun, it really is not and the editing of that writing is a nightmare!!!

Before I leave you my Twisted and Kinky friends, I want to remind you to stop back in a few days for the Just Because give-a-way I will be doing. You can enter to get a copy of New Beginnings, The Sapphire Tower (v.1). Check out the preview if you want!

So, see you in a few days and remember to Get Your Read On!


  1. Congrats on the book darlin'.

    So sorry to hear about the dental stuff. That's just miserable. Hope you heal up soon!


  2. Thanks sweety! It has been miserable and I am forcing myself to ween off the vicodin. Hate being on that stuff! SLOWLY getting back to what is normal for me! LoL