Friday, December 28, 2012

Kissing Party!

Hello My Twisted Lovelies!

Since it has been a few weeks since I have last posted.... Let me wish you all a belated Merry Christmas...

and for those of you that celebrate something other than Christmas, well just concentrate on the Hay *grin*

So, now that we are in the recovery week before we all go out and become social butterflies again, I wanted to invite you all to a Kissing Party to welcome in the New Year!

This party is being hosted by Kay Berrisford & Tara Lain and I bet you are wondering what to expect from a kissing party, huh? Aside from kisses? Well, Kay & Tara have thrown together this shindig so that you, the reader, can read some of the hottest first kisses in print! Wet your appetite for kisses and check out their blogs.

I sent them the first kiss between Mike & Johnny in Brothers By Bond.

And because I love you all soooo much, here it is for you to read!

A noise from the front of his house pulled him out of his heartache party and he stood up from the table. Mike scrubbed his face with his hands and started toward the living room. Johnny must have forgotten something or else his back to kick my ass. Mike made it as far as the kitchen archway before he encountered Johnny.
Fuck, he's pissed.
Mike had no time to say anything and barely got his hands up when Johnny grabbed him by his T-shirt and slammed him so hard into the side of the fridge that Mike heard the bottles inside rattle.
"You're not getting off the hook that easily, Mikey." Johnny slammed him against the fridge again to emphasize his point.
Mike brought his hands up, palms flat against Johnny's chest, to prevent Johnny from slamming him again. He could see how pissed off his best friend was and knew he should just let his brother beat the shit out of him. Hell, he probably deserved it after last night, even though he couldn't remember what happened. However, he wasn't going to stand there idly and allow his best friend to kick his ass.
"Let me go, Johnny," Mike's voice was surprisingly calm even though his heart was pounding a mile a minute.
"Fuck that!" Johnny growled and Mike felt his best friend tense again as Johnny's hands tightened on Mike's T-shirt.
Mike's reply died on his lips as Johnny pulled him forward into a rough kiss. The shock of feeling his best friend's lips against his own short-circuited his brain and he didn't react at all. It wasn't until Johnny pulled back from him that he snapped out of his daze.
Sky blue eyes stared into his own chocolate brown as Johnny seemed to wait for his reaction. Mike's body was steps ahead of his mind as his hands tightened into fists on Johnny's T-shirt. So rough was he, that when Mike pulled his best friend to him, they both slammed into the side of the fridge again.
Mouths crashed against one another so hard that their teeth clacked. A lip split, whose it did not seem to matter even as the metallic taste of blood mingled with the kiss. Hands tore roughly at clothing, yanking and tugging, as both men fought to feel more skin. T-shirts were pushed as high up as they could go without breaking the kiss that seemed to be devouring them. Nothing was soft or slow as each man tried to feel more the other.
Mike barely registered the word but lifted his arms when the insistent tugging at his pits did not stop. His mouth did not leave Johnny's until his shirt gave him no choice but to break the kiss. Johnny's lips were back on him the moment the T-shirt cleared his head. Kissing. Licking. Biting. None of it gentle, not like a woman, as if he had a thirst that just couldn't be quenched.

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