Sunday, December 15, 2013

Books for Likes is Back!!

Here we go again, my twisted lovelies!! Help me boost my Facebook likes and enter to win a LIMITED EDITION PAPERBACK copy of Cresting Tide!!
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Here is the blurb!

Peter, fleeing from an arranged marriage to a woman, stows away aboard a merchant ship only to be discovered and pitched into the sea. Floating upon the current and awaiting death, he is rescued by a mythical sea elf.

Cuke knew his curiosity with humans would only lead him to trouble but he never expected it would lead him to love. A love filled with complications as he is bound to his watery home.

Can the couple overcome the restrictions of their races and be the fathers to their unexpected child or are they destine to be torn apart by their different worlds?

Author Note: Contains m/m and hermaphrodite sexual practices and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

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  1. Hermaphroditic sexual practices? Oh, my! Apparently I've led a very sheltered life because I've never heard of this before. What an interesting turn of events.