Sunday, December 8, 2013

I love 2 Read.... and I know you do too!

It's the holiday's and what better time to do blog hops and giveaways!

After all that shopping and chaos... wouldn't you like to just snuggle up to a great read? Now, I am not blowing smoke about the great read! I am giving away a copy of Undercover Love: Rick & Brew which includes Amazon best selling Not For Sale (over 3000 copies already sold!) and the sequel, Highest Bidder (that Amazon recently 'forced' to be unpublished!).

Check out the blurbs for both!

Immigration Control Agent Ryan "Brew" Brewster finally got the break he was looking for in his human trafficking case. But to follow the lead, he would need to go undercover into the world of the gay leather community. A world he was very familiar with; a world that would require a partner for the undercover op.
Vice Cop Rick Kendry did not look twenty eight when he was out on the streets of Tampa luring in the John's. He barely looked eighteen but that was why he was stuck in vice. That and the fact that he was openly gay made him the best candidate for the job and luckily for him, he loved undercover work.
When Agent Brewster recruited him for the deep undercover Homeland Security op, Rick couldn't have been more thrilled but little did Rick know that he would soon be immersed into the intricate world of leather & BDSM.

Nonpunishable on Amazon!
ICE Agent Ryan "Brew" Brewster finally regains the trust of Vice cop Rick Kendry after deceiving him on their undercover operation to bust the human traffickers who were selling gay man in the Tampa area when the Russian mobsters strike back by abducting Rick.

Brew is forced to go deeper undercover into the Russian Mafiya than ever before if he wants to rescue Rick before he is sold to the highest bidder as a sex slave.

But will the man he rescues be the same man who stole his heart on their last op?

So, enter below and treat yourself this holiday season!

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