Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Totally blown away....

Hello again, my twisted lovelies!

Since I was part of the BDSM blog tour at the beginning of the month, I did not do a proper book release post for my new title, Guns & Hoses. So, here it is!

Guns & Hoses is my eighteenth title since 2010. I so can't believe I have been an author for 4 years (well, 3.5, actually until Nov. *grin*) already. Time has flown by! I have been extremely successful at self publishing compared to and according to some of my fellow authors. So, successful in fact, that as many of you know I became incorporated in 2012 just to get away from the 28% self employment (1099) tax that was eating up my royalties!

St. Pete Pride 2014
Of course, this success is do to several factors, I am sure. I have two Bachelor degrees (Business Management & Marketing) that I jokingly say I gave up to become an author. However, I am sure they play a large part in my success thus far. Another aspect that has contributed to how well my new career is going, is that I am fortunate enough to be able to write full time. My very loving husband (that's him, he's a cutie, huh?) nudged me, well kinda shoved me, into finishing my first novel, Fates, back in 2010 and has encouraged my career. I am beyond lucky that I do not have to work 40 hours a week and squeeze my writing whenever I can.
But finally, my success can be contributed to you, my fans, my readers, and I can't thank you enough! I never planned on or dreamed I would end up being an author (unlike most others), so all I can say is thank you for helping me become so successful at my new career.

So, why am I blown away right now? Well, Guns & Hoses was released on June 30th and has sold over 1600 copies already! *squeeee* It has been on 3 Amazon Best Seller lists since release and made it to number 2 on ARe. Now, I have had other Amazon & ARe Best Sellers but the feeling never gets old. The excitement is fresh every damn time! I can't thank everyone enough for making me feel this rush again! 

If you haven't checked out Guns & Hoses yet, here's the blurb and where you can get it.

Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another since the day they met in sixth grade. Their dislike grew into competition and rivalry throughout high school as they were stuck in the same honors classes and played the same sports. That hatred and rivalry followed them into adulthood as one became and cop and the other a fireman.
Sharing the same haunt, Guns & Hoses, gave everyone from both departments plenty of opportunity to witness their personal war. Being forced back onto the football field for a charity game gave both men another venue for their hatred and rivalry to make an appearance.
But those feelings weren't the only emotions in attendance and the winner of the game could just be both of them.

Several reviewers have also chimed in and I have been interviewed recently as well. If you would like to see what everyone is saying (or read my interview), just hop over to my website and scroll down to the book for all the links :)

Thank you all again! Without you, I wouldn't have my wonderful new career! 

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