Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting 50 Shades fans right...

Hello my lovelies!

As many of you who are in the leather and BDSM lifestyle already know, the popularity of 50 Shades has totally misrepresented us. Those of you who were or are fans of the series and are making plans to see the movie (which I sincerely hope Hollywood tweaks enough to make better than the book!) should want to know the reality about the lifestyle so many of us live. And if you don't and want to remain ignorant to the truth, well there isn't much I or anyone else can do about it. I don't say this to insult you. Not by any means. I am just stating a fact.

By the end of this year, my new publishing company will be launched. Tied and Tethered Publishing is the brain child of mine that was birthed from the desire to counter the inaccuracies and bullshit about our lifestyle that was written in 50 Shades. The goal of this company is to provide realistic and factual scenes in any fiction that includes leather, kink, or BDSM. In fact, that will be the only requirement for submissions. 

What does this mean?

Any genre: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, contemporary, romance, erotica.
Any character combination:  male/female, male/male, female/female, transgender, menage...whatever.
All will be accepted provided they meet the realistic and factual requirement and the writing is up to par for publication. 

For example: If you have a tentacle character who ties up a human to do nasty and wicked things, the bondage better be accurate!

So, if you are an author who is interested in being one of the debut novels for Tied and Tethered, send your pitch and 3 chapters to us!
If you are reader who wishes to be kept up to date on the grand opening of this publishing company and its publications, you can join our mailing list.

Now for some news.

Tied and Tethered is looking for your REAL stories for their debut publication series, Real BDSM. The goal of this series is to provide those curious, and experienced alike, a REAL glimpse into our world since there are so many other books on the market that misrepresent our lifestyle. 
We are currently looking for true life accounts of (briefly) how you were introduced to the lifestyle along with your first scene (as detailed as possible if you can). 

TnT wants REAL accounts, NOT fiction or fantasy. This can't be stressed enough!

No writing experience is required; just send us your story in your own words! Minimal editing will be applied (spelling, grammar, punctuation) if required. 

This series will be ‘lightly’ modeled after Larry Townsend’s The Leatherman’s Handbook in that it will include a (very) brief introduction before your actual story. So, please include your community name or indicate how you would like to be given credit for your submission. Email your story to us!

All contributors will receive a FREE digital copy of the book when it is published.

On that note, I will leave you with this funny video... it is worth watching!

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