Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Convention Season Starts...

My first convention of the year is this weekend on Orlando (FL)!

Oasis 25 starts on May 25th @ 1 PM and runs through May 27th @ 4PM. This is pretty much a Sci-Fi convention (you can check out the Facebook Event for more info & a guest list... which they left me off of, yet again!). You may be wondering why a fantasy & paranormal erotic romance author, such as myself, is attending a Sci-Fi convention to sell books. 

Well, the answer is really very simple... Sci-Fi fans read erotica as well. Especially the fantasy & paranormal kind! I did not sell many books last year but I did sell some and my husband and I turn this into a mini-vacation for Memorial Day weekend! 

However, this is the second year in a row that I have had to piggy back on my friend Bill Hatfield's table because of the lack of response from the guest/vendor coordinator. As I mentioned above, I am not on the list as appearing which means they won't have me on any writer panels. Guess maybe this is their way of giving me a hint that they don't want me there?? Well, last year they did not turn me away and I doubt they will this year because once a vendor table is paid for (Thanks Bill!) it doesn't matter who is at the table with the vendor.  However, I can't help but wonder why they wouldn't want two vendor fees instead of one *shrug* At least Bill is kind enough to share his table with me!

But... I doubt I will be returning to this convention next year (Sorry Bill!). The lack of communication from the coordinator does not fit into my organizational hang-ups. Is being organized a hang up???? 

The convention itself is wonderful and they have many great guests. They also have an art room and a RPG (Role-Playing Game) room. I enjoy seeing fellow friends and artists that I have not seen since Necronomicon last October (another convention I attend.)

So, I will be off to Oasis 25 this weekend to kick on my busy month of June. If you are in Florida and want to check out this small Sci-Fi convention, be sure to stop in the vendors room and say hello!

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