Monday, March 24, 2014

Another MegaCon Orlando Over & Done

Hello my twisted & kinky lovelies! 
Another MegaCon Orlando is over *pout* and I am now suffering Con-Drop! For those of you who may not know what Con-Drop is, well, it is basically the crash after the convention when you need to recuperate. Think, needing a vacation after your vacation and you will get the jist.
So, every convention, I write a little blog to recap my experience. Usually, it is just to thank fans and plug friends that I only get to see at these conventions. However, this convention had so many quirky things happen that I just have to share them with you! 
My friend & fellow author, David Berger, and I decided to split the costs of the convention by sharing a table and hotel room. That being said, I am breaking down the amusing antics by day and I hope you find them as funny as we did.

  • Friday (MegaCon day 1)
The first day of the convention is always crazy! Finding the convention hall (it was moved to a different hall than last year) and trying to figure out where to pick up my badge was the first order of the day. Nothing funny about that, I know. So, I am going to fast forward a bit. David and I went to Paul Vincenti's 'Nearly Annual MegaCon Artists Party' where of course we had great food and even better company. Our friend Bill Hatfield actually made the party this year and hanging out with him is always a blast. (Friend plugs that I warned you about). We also met some other great people but nothing really quirky happened at Paul's place. The funny shit didn't start until we checked into the hotel.
To save money, we went cheap. $50 a night cheap and about a 35 min drive (20-25 the way I drive) from the convention center. Anyway, we get to the hotel around 9:30 and I check us in. As I am being checked in, I notice a sign on the wall that says, "No refunds after 10 min checked in." I told you we went cheap. Up to the room we go and this is where the Con high must have been affecting us.
I open the door, David follows me in and hits the light switch next to the door. Nothing happens. I walk over to the light and try the knob under the shade. Again, nothing happens. No biggie, I think as I walk to the lights between the beds. I try the switch there just as the door closes behind David. Nothing happens and we are plunged into pitch darkness. The conversations went something like this:

David: Light?
Me: There's no light. Open the door.
David reopens the door
I turn the knobs again (as if they will miraculously work now that there is light pouring in from the hall... maybe the lamps just needed to be reminded of their job?) 
Me: Maybe light isn't included in the price?
David and I laugh and he looks under the lamp shade the wall switch should have worked on while I am checking to see if the light bulbs are loose in the bed lamps.
David: *laughs* There's no light bulb.
Me: *laughs* None here either. Did we have to pay extra for light bulbs?
Now, keep in mind, we are riding the first day Con high, as well as, being tired from a long day. So, for some reason this was slightly hilarious to us.
Me: *still chuckling* I'll call down. I pick up the phone, press 0 and it rings and rings and rings. I think we needed to pay more for desk service, too!

We both break out into giggles again and I tell David about the sign behind the desk and another one that said they had no vacancy. So, we hustle down to the desk in search of light bulbs. At the desk, the conversation goes something like this.

Me: *still stupidly giddy*  Excuse me. We just checked into room 226 (like he wouldn't remember because the place was being overrun with checkin's <---- that's sarcasm) and there are no light bulbs in our room.
Clerk: (who I will mention is from India) *looks confused or dumbstruck*  No light bulbs?
By-Stander in Lobby: (who I later found out lived at the hotel.... remember I told you we went cheap!) *tries to be helpful* Did you flick the switch?
Me: Yeah, there's no light bulbs.
By-Stander: Did you check if they were plugged in?
Now, I must have been really stoned on the high from the first day because the normal me would have replied with something like 'do I look like I work here?' But instead, the giddy me who thought all of this was just too funny, responded differently.
Me: There's no light. If we could just get some light bulbs, I think we'd be good.
Clerk: I'll send someone with light bulbs. *he makes the call and sounds confused while making the request for light bulbs to be delivered to 226.*

David and I return to 226 laughing the whole way and making jokes about how desperate the last person who stayed in the room had to have been to steal the light bulbs and giggling about this is what we get for going cheap. Now, as we are standing in our room, door now propped open with my boots, a short Grizzly Adam's looking man comes out of the room across the hall from us holding 3 light bulbs. He startles when he sees us and for a moment he looks just as confused as the clerk downstairs. David and I share a look and big goofy grins. For the life of us, we don't know why this is all so funny, but it is. Anyway, Grizzly-light-bulb man comes into the room and flicks the switch.

Me: There's no bulb. *snicker*
Grizzly-light-bulb man: *grunt* Weird.

I desperately wanted to say, "You think?" but bit my tongue while he screwed in the bulb. Whoa-la! Light! David and I dumped our overnight bags on the beds and watched at Grizzly-light-bulb man put bulbs in the other lamps. They still didn't work so he moved the bed and did something back there before they finally turned on. I would like to say he just plugged them in, but when he stood back up, he had some sort of cords in his hand. I really don't want to think about what they were or where they came from (fire hazard and all that, I am sure). So, Grizzly-light-bulb man leaves and David and I are still laughing because this is just too funny (at least to us!)

This was our adventure for Friday night. There is more to come for Saturday (condom tasting and a crazy waitress) but I will save that for a post later this week since this one ran so long. To make reading this, which was surely more hilarious to us than is being conveyed here, worth your time, I am going to do a give-a-way.



  1. This story is even funnier than hearing you tell it at Con!!!

  2. Yeah, there was so much going on at the Con that I could only tell the condensed version! hehehe