Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time for an update….

I have been very busy lately with things outside of writing. My muse, being unhappy about this, has decided to punish me by going into hiding! I do not think I will ever complain again when she kidnaps me!

That being said, Destiny has stalled at 39k. I know where the story needs to go and what needs to happen next to get it there but without the muse's creativity… well, let me just say I feel like a sailboat on a calm sea waiting for a breeze.

In other news, my two FREE books on Smashwords are doing really well. Before There was Beer Pong, my drinking game book, is sitting just shy of 250 downloads and Coming Home is about ready to hit 300. I am sure these numbers will soar once they are added to the Premium Catalog which will place them on Amazon. You all know how I feel about Amazon but these are FREE so it really doesn't matter.

I need to wish a big happy 6th month anniversary to RiptidePublishing! If you haven't checked them out…. why not? They are well worth the click.

 Also, to celebrate Riptide's anniversary, my good friend Amara is throwing them a party! Head on over and check out all the goodies that they are giving away to celebrate!

That is about it for now… so, I will leave you with the awesome pic that was shared with me on Facebook!


  1. I love enemies-to-lovers, so I downloaded your Coming Home ^.^ Thanks! Also thanks for signing up for the hop :)